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    I’m using Enfold for the first time and am using the Parallax background feature for my color selections. The pages look great on a desktop browser, but on my iPad or iPhone the background images align left (instead of center) and/or do not resize very well to the smaller screen.

    Is there a way to get the color selection backgrounds to either resize to better fit the smaller screens or at least align center when in parallax?

    Also, my header image looks great on the desktop side, but then stretches to fit the whole screen on smartphone (looking terrible) and the navigation runs over the top of the image on tablet side. What are the best spec dimensions for a logo on Enfold?



    Hi debenm!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
    .responsive .logo a, .responsive .logo img {
    height: auto !important; }}

    I have checked your website on my iphone and color section background images look centered on my end –
    Can you post a screenshot of the issue you are having?

    Best regards,



    Thanks! the code worked great..

    I’ve got three screen shots for you from


    the image of the two girls is not centered on the ipad/iphone, but looks great on the desktop…

    in addition, the nav on the on the iPad collides with the logo.




    Please try adding following code to Quick CSS as well

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
    .av-parallax { background-size: cover !important; }}




    I added it… but it still seems to be pushing the images to align left instead of center.

    I checked it in both chrome and safari on the iPad…


    I am having a similar issue on a site I am working. Using a static background picture works great on a desktop even when I resize it to width 640. But when I view the home on a mobile device, (iphone, ipad, or android) the image is not resized and instead shows a small zoomed in section of the background image. What am I doing wrong.





    @debenm Can you try updating WordPress to 3.9 and Enfold to 2.6.4 and check if that helps?
    @moma19sos it looks like your website is currently down




    It’s all up to date, now. But it’s still aligning the bg img to the left.




    I’m not sure if this will fix the issue on the ipad but try to change the “Background Attachment” to “fixed” and then change “Background Image Position” to “Center Center”, “Top Center” or “Bottom Center”. Afterwards switch “Background Attachment” back to “Parallax” and save the element settings.



    Hi Debenm,

    I’m having the same issue ( Did you fix it? Any tips would be very welcome!

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    Hi @debenm,

    Would be great if you could share if you found a solution to this problem or not.



    I am having the same issue with images resizing on an iPad. They look great on the laptop version but on the iPad they are in different positions and don’t scale down correctly (part of the images get cut off). Did anyone find a fix to this?



    A few explanations why this is happening can be found on this thread:

    If you have more questions, please feel free to create a new thread.

    Best regards,

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