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    Hi guys,

    Is there a way to remove the “snaps” when resizing the browser? In other words, it wouldn’t matter what size the window is, the layout always flows with the width of the window – without those snaps at different specified sizes. (Even when boxed layout is chosen, we would always see the left and right sides of the box within the window, at any width).

    Having said that, I’d like to temporarily change the size (where it snaps at about 860 px?) to about 960. How can I do that?



    Oh, also, at around the 960 width – I’d like to make sure the footer (set at 4 columns) still shows the 4 columns in one row, rather than breaking them in a 2×2 grid (which it now does at the ~860 size).




    You can go to Enfold theme options > General Settings and choose to display Fixed layout



    Hi Yigit,

    Sorry I didn’t explain clearly. I want to keep it responsive. Now that you understand that, please re-read my initial post, so I won’t have to repeat. Thanks!



    Please modify Grid.css file inside Enfold/Css folder



    Ok but not sure what part to modify. I don’t want to mess anything up! Especially when the theme updates.

    Is there a way to add to custom.css? I just want to change the part where it’s around ~860px wide.

    Also, regarding my other post above, for 4-column footer, how can I make each column with less padding/marginin between each? When the browser is about ~860 wide (same as above) the columns display in a 2×2 (2 across, 2 rows) but want it to still be 4 columns across at the ~860 size. (Remember the ~860 is my guess since I always have the scrollbar and can’t tell exact pixels!)




    Unfortunately the changes you requested above require a lot of work and we can’t assist you with these changes. The main problem is that a lot of different components depend on the current responsive grid and if you i.e. change the styling for 860px devices to 960 the shortcode & theme styling which relies on the 860px layout will break. Then you must also change the styling of these shortcodes. The same issue applies to the padding of the columns and the column structure for 860px devices. If you change them some shortcode (portfolio, blog grid, post slider, logo slider, etc.) also require additional stylings and there’s some sort of “chain reaction” going on.

    Ok but not sure what part to modify

    Basically you must start with the media queries in grid.css – you can find them below this line:

    /* #Tablet (Portrait)

    You need to change the screen size and the column values accordingly, then you must check if the design of the shortcodes, etc. requires changes. Depending on your css3 skills I recommend to hire a freelancer for the changes – i.e. is a good platform to find talented freelancer.

    Best regards,

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