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    WordPress 4.7.5 / Enfold 4.1.2

    Hi there,

    since Enfold 4.1, the responsive burger menu doesn’t work anymore:

    – the burger menu appears, but has no function on click / hover
    – the main navigation is still visible (not hidden, as expected)

    We didn’t change any settings and it worked flawlessly before Enfold 4.1.x …

    I already replaced the js file avia.js that was provided to fix other known bugs of the navigation, but that didn’t help.

    Any ideas?


    We had a similar problem and the reason were files (.JS, .PHP, .CSS ) in the Enfold Child theme as they were not updated. Deactivate the Child theme and check if the problem persists. If not, then the problem is in the Child theme.


    I don’t use a child theme.


    I have just updated to the latest version and I have an unwanted burger menu that is not need and I can’t seem to disable it. I also am unable to close this burger menu as the X is not clickable. How do I fix this?


    Same problem as drmoody… Please help! Can’t browse website on iphone 5S


    Hi Itai,

    I see a normal and a properly functioning menu, if you do not see the same, please attach some screenshots.

    Best regards,


    Hi Boris Bojic,

    The new burger menu does not work well with the fallback menu at this point. As a temporary solution, you can build a menu and assign it as Enfold’s main menu.

    Best regards,


    Hi drmoody,

    Could you please give us a link to your website, we need more context to be able to help you.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    Yes, I applied the quick styling suggested by Nico in another post. It works now. Thank you!


    @itaiazer That’s great! We’re glad that Nikko was able to help you.

    We’ll keep this thread open for @drmoody and @devshack.

    Best regards,


    Creating a menu and assigning it worked flawlessly. Thank you! :)



    Great, glad you got it working and sorry for the problems. We should hopefully have the all fixed in the next release of the theme.

    Best regards,


    How i have to fix this. Using Childtheme and everything? You can not do this to us?


    Please fix my mobilemenu as it was before updating. I paied money for over 10 Enfold Installations:


    Hi hunter74,

    Do you have any customisations on your site which might break the mobile menu? If you want to try to revert to an earlier version of the theme then please see private.

    Best regards,

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