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    Hey guys,

    we recommended Enfold to several customers and the feedback in general is very good. However lately I discovered a problem with the filesize of thumbnail images that negatively effect the pagespeed.

    On one website I used the post-slider to display new posts on the homepage as well as to show related articles below a post. This workaround was needed because I use the advanced editor on each page/post so the built in related posts function does not work.

    The Problem: The thumbnails get shrinked so they fit to the assigned spot but the image filesize stays the same. This totally ruins google pagespeed rankings.

    Is there a way to automatically resize the individual thumbnails? Or do you have any other suggestions on how to solve this problem?

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    Hey cberentz!

    Can we please take a look at the issue, because it should not be happeing like that.
    It would help us to fix it.

    We would appreciate to share us the informations.

    Thanks a lot



    Sorry I have no example online at the moment. Maybe I can prepare something for tomorrow.

    Maybe I need to be more specific:

    I have several posts, each of these has a thumbnail of let’s say 700 x 500.

    These thumbnails are shown …
    … on the hompage in 1/2 columns
    … below posts in 1/3 columns
    … on a blog page fullsized
    using the post-slider widget.

    The images get shrunk so they fit into each spot perfectly – they are responsive. The problem however is that the filesize stays the same regardless of the imagesize.



    We need to see the actual page before we can provide a solution. The images will be resize base on their parent container via css but it will retain the file size. This short article might help.

    Best regards,

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