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    I can’t set a custom dimension in a post or in a contents element (ex content slider)
    On front end every size attributes are lost:
    <img alt="madness-band-1979" src="uploads/2014/02/madness-band-1979.jpg" width="228" height="180" />
    Is showed on side at full size

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    Hi alkross!

    You need to constrain the content slider inside a layout element. It will inherit the size of the container. Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re trying to do?

    Best regards,


    Here is the home page

    The con ten slider is on the top
    The first image (More steps Beyond has the width and height attribute (but is showed full)
    The Third (Atlantico Negro) is resize because I set a css attribute awesome as I red in a post, but I don’t like this solution because I had some editor on the post
    Best regards



    I don’t know of any way to change how the image resizes without removing the themes auto image adjustment theme and site wide. The width/height are set to auto and max-width: 100% so that images fit no matter the screen size. You can use column shortcodes or css style to constrain them further automatically but the size set with WordPress’s visual editor will not have enough priority to overwrite the theme setting.

    For example you could do:

    #top .slide-entry .slide-entry-excerpt.entry-content img {
        width: 60%;
        height: inherit;

    This will force all of your images in the slide entries to have images 60% of the container size.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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