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    I know that I have beat this over the head, but I am still having real issues with minify settings. I have tried literally every minify plugin out there, both through WordPress and some through my CDN, and every one breaks the theme. I can get them to work if I exclude like 15 scripts, but that defeats the purpose.

    Can you pretty please recommend a minify plugin, and also describe the exclusion settings of how you enable jquery to keep functioning?

    I know that you use a minify plugin, because of the results of Google Pagespeed. Here is your website here: http://cl.ly/image/300P1O1Q2j0v with only 3 blocking scripts

    And here is mine, with minify turned off http://cl.ly/image/35183u2X461N

    But when I configure minify, everything breaks. Can you post screen shots of your setup please? Maybe post a script load order needed for the theme to work?


    Hi Imburr!

    Kriesi uses this one on his site: Better WordPress Minify – http://wordpress.org/plugins/bwp-minify/

    I’ve never had a need to minify via a plugin before so I don’t have any experience with it to create a guide or anything at this point.

    I’ll ask Kriesi about it and see if he can share how he has the demo set up but the last time he posted about it he said the above plugin was the only thing he uses and it was nothing special in the setup.

    Best regards,


    That is what I use and you cannot just enable it with default settings, as it break jquery, Layerslider, icon list animations, progressbar sliders, and a whole slew of other stuff. Please do ask- You guys could just take a screenshot of the BWP Minify settings panel and what you have for the script order in heading, footer, etc.


    Kriesi is the only one with access to the demo sites so it isn’t something we could look at to provide.

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    You can email him using this form:



    I spoke with Kriesi, and he only uses the default minify setup with better wordpress minify. For whatever reason, that plugin is malfunctioning with Woocommerce, and the minified URL’s are not working- which causes all JS to fail.

    Today, I switched to manual W3Total Cache and added in all of my scripts. I then moved jQuery to the head, and moved all of Woocommerce to after the body… and this works. Still not great page speed insights, but at least it has stopped screaming at me about blocking js.

    Here is a screenshot of my script order. Please note that there are a couple of scripts which are added in from addons, such as AddThis and LayerSlider. If you are using this SS for reference, you can build yourself a great starting list by going to Minify, turning it off of auto to manual, then clicking the help wizard at the top of the page. Make sure all other Minify is disabled. It will pull out all of your scripts in a pretty good order, and after than you can tune as you need to.




    You might want to use the new beta version mentioned in this thread: it seems to work better than default version :)

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    Thanks- that is what I am using :)

    That beta version fixes the HTTPS problem with the caching URL, and since my site is on HTTPS.

    I have been doing SERIOUS testing on this, like 40 hours total and I have come to a few conclusions. First, I had too many elements on my home page, and no matter what it was going to load slow. I have a layerslider and each of the images is 100k. I had 2 team mates, I had 2 parallax sections, I had progress bars, a video, and many lists. I went through and removed half of this and the page loads quickly. My original intent was to have a semi “one-page” site, but I am fine with making more pages for performance reasons.

    I have also come to the conclusion that minify make Google PageSpeed and ySlow happy, but it slows down the actual load time for humans. I tested the load time 10 times with CSS minification on, and then 10 times with it off and I had significantly better times while it was off.

    I have also come to the conclusion that minifying jQuery is just not going to work. Period. Perhaps it is an addon I use (there are admittedly a lot), but something breaks jQuery. and forget asyncronously loading any js- even if I do not minify jQuery and async the rest, the built in theme jQuery breaks 50% of the time. I did 20 tests with minify setup with the exact script order as your theme has and it loaded perfectly 8 of the times, jQuery conflict the other 12.

    With all of this said though, I am still getting a A 92% B 89% on GTmetrix. And even though my PageSpeed score is far lowwer, I have tested the theme on both mobile and desktop clients on various internet connections and the site loads fine. I think at this point I need to stop wasting time worrying about the render blocking js/css messages from PageSpeed.

    Thanks for all of your help/work over multiple threads, this is still the top theme I have used and I very much appreciate your support staff’s hard work!



    Thanks for the detailed info :)
    Will do some testing myself since it sounds interesting that the non minified version loads faster :)

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