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    Forgive me if this has been asked before (I did try searching), but can anyone point me to the files I’d look at if I wanted to move the page title and breadcrumb areas to beneath the header banner area? I’d like to just shift the header banner directly beneath the logo / navigation, but don’t want to disable the page title and breadcrumbs completely.





    Please provide an illustration or just use a screen grab of the demo and move thing around so that there are no mistakes on our part.




    Thanks Nick!

    I’m actually okay with the breadcrumb positioning in this image, it’s just the page title I’d like to shift now.


    @peterash: Im looking for exactly what you did on your webpage. How did you manage to do so?




    That’s just a mockup of what I want to do. Hoping Nick can help us out with it!



    please open up functions-enfold.php in the main folder of the theme and go to line 251 that looks like

    'html'			=> "<div class='{class} title_container'><div class='container'><{heading} class='main-title'>{title}</{heading}>{additions}</div></div>",

    This is the line that creates that whole segment, and as you can see the {title} is the title, and {additions} are the bread crumbs.

    You can just delete {title} from there.

    If you want that grey band that used to contain title be completely gone you can just change the first part of this above to the code below instead of replacing just {title}

    'html'			=> " ";

    And in page.php you can add the following to line 16 of page.php

    <?php echo "<div class='title_container'><h1>".get_the_title(get_the_ID())."</h1></div>"; ?>

    You will need to add that same code on the above line to the following files, it all goes to the same location pretty much , just look for a div with a class=”container” and paste it under it. <— all these files are in the main theme folder.


    line 17


    line 25


    line 31


    line 32


    line 16


    line 17


    line 16


    line 28


    line 16


    line 22


    line 33


    line 528




    Thanks Nick!

    I’m not sure if I’m doing something right though. Basically, I want this code to show up right after the full width slider:

    ‘html’ => “<div class='{class} title_container’><div class=’container’><{heading} class=’main-title’>{title}</{heading}>{additions}</div></div>”,

    Where would I modify to do that? Thanks again for all your help.



    Sorry about that. That slider in your image, how are you adding it, as an advanced layout element? if so, what you are asking for is a feature that already is on Kriesi’s feature request list that he is going through which likely requires a new layout element. Your site will look inconsistent otherwise since part of your site will have the current location of title and breadcrumbs (since not every archive , post has an option to add the slider. Please hold , I will ask what the situation is.




    Yes — It’s added as an advanced layout element.

    Thanks for checking with Kriesi. I’m happy to modify stuff if you can point me in the direction. Shifting the title into the content area is definitely something I need to do and am willing to do what’s needed.





    Try this.

    1. Create a custom sidebar called ”after the title”

    2. Install Enhanced Text Widget plugin

    3. Add enhanced text widget to ”after the title” sidebar

    4. Add the following to the enhanced text widget inside the ”after the title” sidebar

    echo avia_title();

    5. Make sure the enhanced text widget doesn’t add title , css classes or anything before/after (there is a check box on it above and below the text area where you paste the code in step 4

    6. Inside your page with advanced layout builder. Add the slideshow element, and below slideshow element add a 1/1 column element, and inside the column element add a sidebar element using ”after the title” sidebar.




    Nick — I’m trying to automate the process of the titles being placed in the content area. Wouldn’t your proposed solution need to be added to every page? (In which case, why wouldn’t I just add the h2 title into the content area the way I would any other piece of text?)

    I’m trying to make this as simple as possible for my client….



    What you say makes a lot of sense. However the client will still have to insert something, since after dragging the slider element, they will have to drag a new element containing the title and the breadcrumbs. I think the overall time saving will not be that much over dragging a widget area element. Non the less please hang in there, I will see if I can make you something in the next day or two to hold you over.




    How can I remove this bar from frontpage only?



    @wild-speed: What is the bar that you want to remove? Can you give us a screenshot?




    First of all big thanks for your help. It i followed your instructions on the above link.

    Now there is one more more problem the new breadcrumbs are seems not connected to the above slide show. there’s space between slider new bread crumbs (after the tile widget) and the other images after the breadcrumbs.

    let me attach screenshot. please check the screen shot attached below through dropbox,


    I tried to fix it and that’s how its looking as shown in the link below,

    but still have lot of empty space. :(



    In order for us to give you the css to fix any issue, we need to actually see the page in order to come up with the fix. An image doesn’t help much. You can mask the url inside so that nobody sees the domain name.




    here is the URL please



    Please remove the counters, they are destroying the responsive layout, shrink your browser to size of a mobile phone and you will see what I mean. Plus they look cheap compared to the nice art you have.

    Please add this css to your /css/custom.css file to fix the empty space OR put it in your Quick CSS located in Enfold > Theme Options > Layout Styling… the text box at bottom of page:

    .responsive .container .twelve.units {
    top: -49px;





    Big thanks for your prompt reply..

    Also I really appreciate your comment on the counter :) removed..



    If you want to know how many hits you get, as well as a million other stats , you need to use Google Analytics. Once you go back live, subscribe to webmaster tools‎ and analytics‎ and add the piece of code they give you to the theme. There is a box to paste it in located in WooCommerce configuration settings.

    Enjoy the theme!



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