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    As the title suggests, I’d like to get the updated example content from Enfold into my theme to alter/play around with (especiallyt he Ajax content)…however, I have already uploaded dummy data from a previous version…so

    Is there a quick and easy way to WIPE the dummy data (or all the data-I can rebuild what I have done thus far) and start fresh?



    Follow up I guess I should ask, Is the dummy data updated in line with the Demo Enfold site?

    I can select all the pages and posts and portfolio items etc and delete them manually and upload dummy data again, no?


    Hey MikehJPP,

    Not really no. The data gets imported but there isn’t really a way to wipe *just* that data out. If you re-import you should be okay with just deleting your menus and then it should only import the new data.

    Not 100% sure on that though as I’m just doing an educated guess based on past experience. If you really want to be sure, I’d recommend doing a new install in a sub domain and that way you just a get a fresh new install to play with.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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