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    my site link is

    I am using your enfold theme.i want some customization in the theme.

    1) Remove search button from header

    2) apply different color to title and links to differentiate between them

    3) enlarge font size to 14px

    so how can i do this

    4)how to include google search in header

    see this image for what i am actually need

    please help



    1.) I think you managed to remove the search button.

    2.) Remove the custom.css that you added:

    .main_color a {
    color: #f05a1a !important;

    Use this instead:

    .main_color .post-title a {
    color: red !important;

    3.) Use this:

    body {
    font-size: 14px;

    4.) Edit header.php, find this code:

    <div id='header_main' class='container_wrap container_wrap_logo'>

    Add the google search code below.




    Hi Thanks for a reply. i have one more issue

    please refer this

    here i want is color of links in tags has also orange color

    and i want black color for that so what i have to do?



    You can use this:

    .tagcloud a {
    color: black !important;




    And whats about second part

    I dont want to display this much tags

    i want only maximum four tags

    refer this-


    how to do this

    refer this


    also i have some categies

    please refer this

    when user click this category and open the particular category.

    Now i want to change look of this category. content of this page should be in block so how can i do this.

    please see what i want

    please help


    please reply to this

    this is urgent i have to launch my site


    For implement google search you have tell me to search this line in header.php

    <div id=’header_main’ class=’container_wrap container_wrap_logo’>

    but there is no such code in header.php


    Hi kriru,

    Just a general FYI each time you respond to your own post it moves the topic to the end of our Queue since our queue system goes by oldest content to newest.

    As for your issues, I don’t know where this image comes from or how you generated the content so I can’t say how you would change anything within it:

    The tags code does not have a limit on how many to display. So you will need to find a plugin that lets you choose the number of tags to display.

    Individual category customization is a bit difficult with WordPress. There are no pages to edit in the WordPress admin so you need to create your own php file just for that category page and customize the page using php/html/css. See:

    This code is on line 124 in your header.php file in the theme files:

    <div id='header_main' class='container_wrap container_wrap_logo'>

    It must be there or the site wouldn’t be working.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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