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    I’ve set this website to boxed layout as it seems to be the only way to get a left sidebar going.

    I would prefer to completely create the sidebar as a custom text HTML widget with the logo + menu links (as image assets) + social icons of my own, but I can’t figure out a way to completely remove the header from the entire site and use a sidebar widget in stead. Is that possible? If not:

    How do I remove these white lines from the sides of the menu and logo, and between the menu items? (Logo not shown as it is an adult oriented website)


    Hey hizzacked,

    Could you post a link to the site in question so that we can take a closer look please?

    Best regards,


    Sure. Please bare in mind it is an adult oriented website for a model’s photos. 18+ only. I’ve included the link and made a login account for you. Thanks so much.

    I’d like to remove those lines around the left sidebar/logo as well as the lines around the social icons. I think if I used graphical assets for the buttons the menu wouldn’t be able to be stickied and wouldn’t be useable on mobile, so I’m reporting that to the client and will stick with buttons in the menu.


    Try this code in the General Styling > Quick CSS field:

    .html_header_sidebar .logo {border-bottom-style: none!important; }
    .html_header_sidebar #top #header .social_bookmarks {border-top-style: none!important; }
    #top .av-logo-container .social_bookmarks li {border: none!important; }
    .html_header_sidebar #top #header .social_bookmarks li a {border-left-style: none !important; }
    #header_main {border-bottom-style: none!important; }

    Best regards,


    Thank you Mike! It seems to have worked for all the borders except for the one on the right. However, I think it looks kind of good this way so I will check with the client to see if she won’t mind having it.

    I’ve got one more question before I go. It’s been reported to me that the sidebar area isn’t able to be used fully on some smaller sized laptops (smaller screens in UHD 1440P). What I mean is, my friend was doing some testing for me, and since the sidebar is stickied it wouldn’t scroll down with the rest of the site (intentional.) However, it wasn’t responsive in his browser in a way that would let him have full access to the menu. The bottom half was cut off for him with no way to get to it. Is there a known fix for this? Included a screenshot.

    Thanks again, and thanks for taking the time to read.

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    For reference, I tried using this code to shrink the sidebar down to 10% in hopes that it would somehow help solve the issue by making all that stuff smaller. There was no effect from this code.

    .container .av-content-small.units {
        width: 90% !important;

    Try this code in the General Styling > Quick CSS field:

    /*remove padding from bottom of logo */
    .html_header_sidebar .logo {
    position: relative;
    padding: 40px 40px 0 40px!important;
    /*remove padding from top & bottom for menu */
    .html_header_sidebar #header .av-main-nav {
    padding: 0!important;
    /* make sidebar scroll */
    .html_header_left #top #header {
    overflow: auto!important;

    Best regards,


    Thanks so much for your help mike!

    I contacted the client and she wasn’t thrilled with the buttons as text based in the menu. I ended up just building her a custom menu per page with her own graphic buttons she had created using a custom code block. Seems to be working out for her.

    Thanks so much for your help, sorry to have wasted some time here!


    Glad we were able to help, we will close this now. Thank you for using Enfold.

    Best regards,

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