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    is it possible to remove Lightbox opening opopus from images?

    Best, Oli


    Hey heufti65!

    When you link to an image it will open up in a popup by default. If you want to stop that then add a class of “noLightbox” to the link like so.

    <a class = "noLightbox" href = "URL to your image">Click me</a>



    Hey Elliott,

    i would prefer a general solution to avoid the lightbox from the image format.
    I saw the following process: Some users with smaller screens are a little bit confused sometimes. They click on the image in the post and just want to see the post – not the image. They didnt realize the close popup cross.
    When they click on the images on the preview category pages, the page opens and not a lightbox. And that´s waht they would expect.

    Thanks, Oli



    You can disable the Lightbox Modal Window on Enfold > Theme Options panel.



    sorry Ismael. Maybe i have described it not good enough. Disabling the lightbox via the enfold panel avoids all Lightbox Popups and the linked images open in regular browser page.
    I want to prevent the linking from title images in posts in general – and only the title images in the posts formats. Is there a possibility to code something that only targets the title images of the posts?



    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

    .single .big-preview.single-big {
    pointer-events: none;

    and post the link to your website if that does not help


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    Please review your website now. I have adjusted the code a little bit in Quick CSS field

    Best regards,


    Wonderful. Works perfect.
    Thanks YIGIT.

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