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    Hello. How can I completely remove the left and right arrows which appear on the sides of every post?

    I managed to hide them using some CSS I found on here .#top .avia-post-nav { display: none; }

    But all this does is hide them, not remove the feature. The thumbnails which would usually appear when you mouse over the arrows are still loading on every page. How do I turn this feature off entirely so that i’m not wasting bandwidth loading these thumbnails?



    Hey Neal!

    Please try the following instead:

    #top .avia-post-nav, #top .avia-post-prev, #top .with-image { 
    display: none !important; 

    If it doesn’t work, please provide us with a link to the site in question and we’ll have a closer look.


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    Can you please flush browser cache and refresh your page a few times? I cannot see post navigation on your example page :)



    Hi. Yes, you cannot see it, but it is still loading the images in the background. If you look at the browser debugger (or whatever it’s called! :P ) you will see that it loads the two images I listed above, they’re just not visible, or displayed.

    I already tried deleting the cache. Thanks!



    Please add following code to Functions.php file in Appearance > Editor

    function no_post_nav($entries)
          $entries = array();
          return $entries;

    Best regards,


    Yes! Thank you :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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