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    How do I remove the Kriesi backlink / advertisement in the footer? I’m a bit surprised there’s no simple way to do this in the options.



    Hi franktw,

    You need to add:


    At the end of the input area for the copyright field in the footer section of the theme options.




    Thanks! Another quick question. How does one insert the current year next to the copyright?


    You would need to add something like the following to the footer.php file. You can’t do it in the control panel


    $copyYear = 2001;

    $curYear = date(‘Y’);

    echo $copyYear . (($copyYear != $curYear) ? ‘-‘ . $curYear : ”);



    As lounge35, there isn’t any shortcode/function for it yet but you can do it with the php snippet he provided.


    Ok, thanks. I’ll wait for the shortcode (hopefully by the end of the year :)



    Yes or just hardcode/write it into the copyright field – you don’t need to change it very often anyway :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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