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    Having a couple CSS issues with the blog and blog posts:

    When you look at a single blog post the title still has hyperlink. How do you remove that? There’s no reason to link to itself.

    In addition, I need to make some other changes to blog post titles on the main blog page:
    how do i make the title uppercase? using firebug but nothing works.

    finally, on the blog page featuring multiple posts and their featured images, when viewing on a mobile device, how can you have these featured images run full width?

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    Hi blankonblank!

    1. Add this to the bottom of your functions.php file.

    add_filter( 'avf_title_args', 'enfold_customization_title_link' );
    function enfold_customization_title_link( $settings ) {
    	$settings['link'] = null;
    	return $settings;

    2. The titles on your blog page are already uppercase so I’ll assume you figured this out.

    3. I checked your link but they are already running full width. Do you mean you wish to have them run outside of the page margins? If so then I do not see an easy way of going about this unfortunately. It would take a lot of time and code and would have to be considered custom work.


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    Unfortunately not. It would take a lot of CSS work to pull that off. It would be best to hire a freelancer to help you out with this customization.

    You can use our grid row element and add some images inside each cell but with how you have things setup I don’t think that’s what your wanting.

    Best regards,

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