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    i mostly need a very clean blog feed without images.

    i found many CSS solutions to hide the featured images on the blog index, blog detail and category:

    .blog .big-preview.single-big,
    .single-post .big-preview.single-big,
    .archive.category .big-preview.single-big,
    .archive .big-preview.single-big {
    display: none;

    is there also a easy way to really remove the images? not just hide them…

    best option would be a 5th Blog Style named:

    Single Author, no preview Pic (no author picture is displayed, no feature image is displayed)

    it seams that so many people asking for that in the forum.




    What type of header are you using?

    You can edit includes > loop-index.php, find this code:

    //echo preview image
    if(strpos($blog_style, 'big') !== false)
    if($slider) $slider = '<a href="'.$link.'">'.$slider.'</a>';
    if($slider) echo '<div class="big-preview '.$blog_style.'">'.$slider.'</div>';

    Remove it.




    danke Ismael. Exactly what i need.

    I use the “Small fixed header”. Why are you asking?

    Is a clean blog style in the settings planed, or is it just a dream of mine?



    Glad it worked. :)

    My bad. I meant to say “What type of Blog Style do you have?”. Hehe.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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