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    How can I remove the date so it goes away in google search results?



    Hey peterolle,

    Here is your previous topic, did you not get it working?

    Best regards,

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    No and as there are some updates I opened this one to see if there is a new way to achieve this.




    The solution would be the same. The date info may come from a lot of sources, in the templates, a hook, filter or third party plugins and the solutions proposed by @mike in the previous thread should remove all dates generated by the theme.

    Why do you have to remove the date?

    Best regards,


    I have some content that is date less. For example if you talk about blue parrots, there is no need to have a 2012 date showing as first in the result and all the other results with no date.

    That says your content is old, even if you have actually and up to date information for blue parrots.

    So I need to get rid of all dates to avoid this problem.

    Mike recommends:

    To remove the structured-data datePublished from the post please try editing:

    Is there a way to achieve this without having to modify core files?
    Maybe a function?



    Unfortunately, there is not a function to remove the datePublished from the theme’s structured data, but you can use the solution from your previous thread in your child theme by creating an /includes/ directory in your child theme and adding your modified helper-markup.php file, and then add this to your child theme functions.php require_once( 'includes/helper-markup.php' );
    I have tested this on a new install with a child theme and it works correctly.

    Best regards,

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