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    I realizing that WP does not let me use relative URLs for document downloads. Kindof surprised. So… can you tell me if I can be confident in WP switching the new Root URL fro the old Root URL when I change domains, DNS, etc.? I’m getting ready to link up hundreds of documents in Choices… and want to be sure I can use Full URLs now, and that the URL will be swapped when I change it in the WP admin.

    Not sure this is a template question.. although I hear this can vary depending on the framework.



    Actually… just remembered I’m now using Enfold… so, same question…



    Hi mgma,

    No, wordpress will not as far as I know. If you insert a link to a document at http://yoursite.com/dev/myfile.pdf and then change the wordpress directory to be in your root, the file will be moved and the link will stay the same.




    Are you saying the URL *will* be corrected, or not? In other words will the link to this PDF file automatically change from http://yoursite.com/dev/myfile.pdf.. to http://yournewsite.com/dev/myfile.pdf ?



    No, but you can use plugins like: WP MIGRATE DB to migrate the db from one server to another. The plugin can also replace the urls for you (old server domain vs new server domain)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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