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    I would like to reduce the margins of my portfolio masonry gallery. I have a 300×169 thumbnails divided into 4 columns with a total limit of 24 items. Tried out with every distribution option (flexible grid, perfect masonry…). Currently I have set the masonry module inside a 1/1 layout for it to adjust content width but I want it to be more narrow on the edges (having more white space, basically).
    Is there anyway I can get this?

    Thanks a lot :)

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    I have got a similar effect by adding a boxed layout and a white background to make it similar. Now I want to get everything with the same width. For instance, on the “About” section, the pictures above, are wider than the text. Same thing with the map on “Contact” section. How can it be done?

    Thank you!


    Hi Samuel,

    Sorry for the late reply, I’m not sure I understand what margins you want to reduce. Could you try to explain a bit further or post a screenshot highlighting your intentions please?

    Best regards,

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