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    Can you please give a recommendation for calendars that will work well, both paid and free, with Enfold theme?
    Thank you


    Easy, Event Calendar and Event Calendar Pro. Nice integration, though the developers have gotten a bit snooty of late.


    And, I will chime in and say that those requesting an updated list are right. There does need to be a better list of good solutions that work well with Enfold. I know that it presents a challenge on keeping up that list and how to organize it, but for those that are new to the platform and Enfold, it would be a great way to show how flexible and scalable it can be as their needs grow. I would argue it is time for Enfold to grow beyond the confines of just one product in the portfolio. It has become the primary product and looking at the forums alone, it makes the others seem like they were lightyears ago. The only other major item missing is a roadmap for larger developers, so that we can figure out areas that we need to develop versus ones you are already working on. It makes for a stronger, tighter ecosystem that is working for the common growth of the platform, rather than just a theme that is just a component of what is used.

    I know these may just be my opinions, but they are from years of working with, promoting, developing solutions for use-with Enfold. Enfold is an incredible framework and I want to see it go further to the level of a platform. That is something would not just expand the footprint, but also create brand new opportunities to push WordPress’s possibilities.



    Thank you for your feedback. What system would do you like to suggest to track popular and new plugins? Would you like to see a system when users can up/down vote plugins? Let us know what will help you guys better and we will try to implement it :)

    Best regards,


    I would like to submit the idea of actually having a platform for both plugins/integrations, but also feature requests. To that end, I would suggest UserVoice. The way things are handled is professional, but also personal. I think it would help bring together the management of both features and integrations eventually.



    I’m only talking about plugin recommendation system. Integrating other features is a good idea but that will take more time.

    Thank you for your suggestion. Let me discuss this with the team and see what best we can do in this regard :)

    Best regards,


    I started having hacker problems. People who could send me emails via the contact form protected by recaptcha without checking the checkbox.
    With I solved all the problems
    It costs very little and is very efficient
    Best Regards
    Giuseppe Beghelli


    Slightly O/T but I have also suddenly started receiving spam though the contact form in the last few weeks. Never used to receive any despite only using the maths captcha.


    You’ve missed a big one from the main list.

    I highly recommend WP-Optimize. I use it on every website to decrease the size of the database. It now comes with an image compression service and very simple caching engine.

    This is an essential plugin for database optimisation but because it now has a built in caching engine this is a viable alternative to WP Supercache, WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache.



    Thanks for sharing @thinkjarvis, it’s much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi all,

    Just a quick query. I need to simply be able to filter my image gallery by keyword and i now realise that the various image gallery options in Enfold do not allow you to do this. So, i was wondering if anyone has any experience with integrating and using plugins such as Modula, FooGallery etc and if any of these integrate and work better than others from within Enfold?



    Hi stripealipe,
    I’ve been using Enhanced Media Library. You can set categories to filter. Seems to work well.



    Thanks for sharing @rasa, it’s much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    Thanks Rasa, but i couldn’t see how this could filter sets of images without somehow putting them into portfolios, and even then when you click on them it can either open one image in a lightbox (in which case i’d need one image per portfolio entry! That would be madness and time consuming) or it will try and open the portfolio page itself rather than a lightbox.

    In the end, and after much deliberation, i went with a nice simple and very well priced gallery plugin called FLAgallery.
    This allows you to create multiple galleries and then display all or user selected galleries all at the same time, with filtering for the galleries themselves.
    This way i can have a gallery for clothing, a gallery for accessories, gallery for model shots etc and you can view all of them or simply filter the ones you want, all in a nice real-time masonry grid.

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    Hi stripealipe, not sure what you are seeing, but I can assign a “category” for each image. An image can be assigned more than one category as well. When I choose to look at that category, all the images show up in a grid. Maybe FLAgallery is more flexible. I’ll have to try it out on one of my websites that doesn’t yet have that kind of plugin. Glad that’s working for you!


    So are you able to filter images in something like a Masonry gallery, so that only those images get displayed?! Or is this in the media library itself?! ..


    stripealipe, you can label each image with as many “category labels” as you like. Then you choose a category and your Media library then only shows those graphics with that category label. I don’t think you can look at two categories at once, but it’s useful enough for me to filter out all I don’t want to see. Here’s a good video description:


    stripealipe, Sorry about this, but I was thinking you wanted to arrange your media library. You want a more flexible media gallery. I’ve been using the portfolio galleries for that effect. You can assign categories for portfolio items. Here’s a page of “community members” I created from portfolio items.

    Different portfolio items are categorized as “books” and I’ve got modules on different pages displaying books, like on this page, the books pop up when you scroll to that part of the page:

    If you want to organize your graphics for a masonry gallery, you could use the Enhanced Media Library to organize your media library and then more easily fill in the masonry gallery as your media library will be categorized for you.

    Hope that helps!


    Ah, haha, honestly.. no need for an apology! It’s cool… and yes, i was wanting to filter an actual image gallery on a published page.
    Anyways, i found a working solution and one that works well for my needs. For anyone wanting to check it out, go here for an example:

    Cheers though Rasa!

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    Hi stripealipe,

    Great, I’m glad that you found a solution and thanks for sharing. Thanks @rasa for helping out as well :-)

    Best regards,


    WPML – WordPress Multilanguage Plugin & Loco Translate did not work



    @rafaelmontilla please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum so we can look into it as both plugins are working fine with Enfold there must be an issue on your installation :)

    Best regards,


    Hello everybody,
    just a short question.
    We wanted 360 Degree Product Photo for our websites. Wanted to use the Thrixty Player. But it creates problems. Does anyone else know plugins that work with Enfold?

    Thank you and best regards


    Hi Pete,

    I believe you can use Revolution slider – or this plugin – which are paid ones. If you would like to try a free one, you can give this one a try – :)

    Best regards,




    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks a lot for the tips. We’ll give it a try.

    best regards



    I must open new topics, I have real problem because the websites doesn’t work on internet explorer, I need help. I have enfold 4.5.7 veresion

    Could you help me? (links are below)

    I await an answer as soon as possible

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    just quick message beacuse I solved my issue


    Best Regards


    Hi shock-wave,

    Glad you got it working for you! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,



    yes I need help beacuse with new update the social bookmarks like instagram doesn’t show on website.

    Below the link of website

    Await your help as soon as possible

    Thank you and best regards

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