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    Hi Jason E,

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated!

    Best regards,


    Does anyone have a good suggestions for a people directory plug-in that integrates well with Enfold?



    Please, this thread is too old, so, if someone has any question, create a new thread with your details.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    While I understand, we NEED an updated preferred plug-in list.


    Hi Jason E,

    We understand the need for a list like that, but it’s more or less impossible for us to keep track of all plugins out there unfortunately. If we tried to do that I think we would have to hire 3-4 people full time just for that task.

    Best regards,


    I see this thread has already some time! Could you recommend 2017 enfold compatible plugins for managing events and business directory? Thanks!


    Events Calendar Pro. Great plugin, with tons of additional functionality. Well worth the investment into the plugin(s).

    If you are looking for a location directory, look at GeoDirectory (wp-geodirectory).

    As far as a people directory, I have yet to find a good one that integrates well within Enfold. The Team element looks good, but fails in that it is not site-wide. You have to set it up manually each and every time. We need Team turned into a custom post type.

    I will make the request again for a Pro version of Enfold that has more elements, more integration, etc. I would happily pay $200+ per license. Or, the option of buying additional modules/elements for it. Either way, the competitors are creeping up on Enfold’s much-coveted features. We need to stay in front of them. It is hard to keep pushing people off of Visual Composer’s ability to easily extend functionality. Currently, only Events Calendar Pro is the only extension from Enfold that I am aware of. We love Enfold, but it needs to grow again. Previews are nice, but we need functionality. If that costs, so be it. We will pay. Just give us the option.



    We really appreciate that type of input Jason, we really do.
    It is something we do want to consider while getting forward with Enfold.

    Best regards,


    This one really make my enfold website fast WOT Cache

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    Hi Rich,

    I couldn’t see any answers to your question? Did you find out how to achieve the filtering?


    We’ve been getting login attacks, using up resources on our server and GoDaddy tells us we should install a plugin to block unwanted login attempts. Do you have a suggestion for a plugin that plays nicely with Enfold?


    Perhaps restricting WordPress admin access to a single IP address would be a better approach as it would use fewer resources. The link also shows how to use Multiple IP addresses
    This is the WP codex approach to Brute Force Attacks

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the quick reply, Mike!

    I wanted to streamline the process (I’m more of a designer than a coder anyway) by using a plugin. I have to do this on 4 Enfold websites. I saw these plugins, but hesitated because I didn’t know if they might work well with Enfold.


    I have not tried any of these on Enfold, perhaps some members will share their experiences.
    This one also looks good: Cerber Security & Antispam

    Best regards,


    Does anyone have a recommendation for Capture? Im having alot of spam registrations lately and would like to add capture to the regsitration form and login page.



    I am guessing you mean Captcha?

    We use and recommend Gravity Forms, which has an element for adding reCaptcha to forms easily. You will need a GooGle account for it, but there are instructions on the Google Services page of the Enfold Settings.



    Thanks for sharing Jason E, much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    Are there any self-hosted full screen video plugins available that work nicely with Enfold?


    You don’t need an additional plugin to play local video since wordpress itself provides the [video] shortcode.
    WordPress Video Shortcode

    Just put a code like below in a Text Block or Code Block:

    [video mp4="http://mydomain.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/imagefilm_klein-1.mp4" 


    @mischa13 thanks for sharing the information :)

    Best regards,



    Could you recommend a Knowledge Base plugin that works well with Enfold?



    Hi, Thanks.

    I’ll give it a try – though it seems there’s a great deal that needs doing to it in terms of css.

    Best wishes,


    Hi! I’m looking for a table of contents that will work — or does Enfold have this built in? Thanks!


    Sorry we don’t have that feature built-in, but I have see the Easy Table of Contents plugin on another user site. Have you tried this plugin?

    Best regards,


    Hi!, can someone please tell me which SMTP plugin is compatible with Enfold? Thank you for your time!



    You can use this plugin: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/

    Best regards,


    hi there @macroview_research, I am using with success Postman SMTP + Sendgrid. https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/postman-smtp/ . you can use this also with Google services or other proven parties that deliver your emails.



    Thank you for the input :)

    Best regards,


    Any recommended security plugins like these ones? https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/7-best-wordpress-security-plugins/
    Thinking of trying one but unsure if any would be better / worse for Enfold.

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