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    Salve mi piacerebbe avere una configurazione ottimale di w3 totale cache magari insieme ad autoptimize! vorrei raggiungere il miglior punteggio possibile con google pagespeed. questo è il sito web dove ho utilizzato il vostro tema e ho installato i due plugin di cache. potetr aiutarmi nella configurazione finale? grazie

    url sito web:




    Does anyone know of any recommended Recipe plugins that play well with the Enfold theme?


    Hi craigriches,

    You could try one of these and share your experience with us.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    Thanks for the link Victoria, but was really looking for any plugins that have already been proven to play well with the Enfold theme. ;) Happy to try, but would rather avoid the whole trial and error biz.


    Sorry but I don’t think we have a list like that. But I would imagine a list of uncompatible plugins would be shorter :)

    Best regards,


    Mike, that would be great, because it was only Recipe plugins I was looking for specifically that worked well with the theme, as it was mentioned in my post. So, advice of ones proven to be not so Enfold friendly would be great. Or, if anyone using a recipe plugin in their theme design with success had one to recommend? ;)



    There are lots of plugins out there and it’s overwhelming to test each one of them, so we only picked the popular ones to test. Our theme should be compatible to most plugins, you may try to install and check out some recipe plugins available and if you encounter any issues, you can post on another thread and we would be glad to help you.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Nikko, I think it is pretty obvious no-one is prepared to stick their neck out and actually recommend a recipe Plugin they have come across whilst working with the Enfold theme and found it to be a great fit; so i am going to have to check some out and see for myself.
    Maybe I will pass on my own findings to this very post having done so, to save all those Recipe bloggers out there the time! :)



    That would be great, if you find something which works well with the theme then please share :-)

    Best regards,


    I’d like to recommend support for the Kindful donation plugin.

    Kindful generates a donation plugin javascript that currently breaks the avia layout builder (causes endless spinner) when the script is pasted into a an advanced layout builder page for Enfold. I spoke to both Enfold and Kindful support and came to the consensus that the javascript causes the avia builder to not work properly.

    While unfortunate, it’s understandable. If it were possible to make the Avia builder a bit more robust to handle inserting javascript, that would be very helpful. Or some other workaround, if possible.

    Hopefully this makes sense. Note: both support teams were very helpful and professional in dealing with my questions.

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    @twhaoske: Could you please provide an example of the javascript code? You can use the code block element to insert script directly in the page. Just make sure that the codes are wrapped inside a script tag.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    I pasted an example of the script in private (below).

    I tried, and am currently using a code block element, but it still causes the avia builder to ‘spin endlessly’ once I update the page with this code.

    Note: the live page works as intended. However, in order to make edits to the page I have to revert to the previous version before I added the js, then edit and add the js back in. Any advice would be helpful.

    Many thanks in advance.



    Please open a new thread with the script posted via The code is being altered by the forum filters.

    Best regards,


    Better WordPress minify plugin broke my site. So are you sure that this works good with enfold and how?
    Do recommend another minify plugin for enfold?



    It sure does work fine with Enfold, it might have some conflict with other plugins you are using, try to use

    Best regards,



    I am advised to use Jetpack as security / protection for the site.

    Jetpack is not on your list of recommended plugins. Since it is used very much, I wonder if there is a reason for that. I also saw issues with Jetpack vs Enfold.

    Maybe you prefer an alternative plugin?

    Best regards, Peter

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    In some countries (like Germany for example) Jetpack cannot used due to laws concerning data protection and data security; besides that, Jetpack is not recommended for a good performance in general, no matter what theme you are using.


    Hi Peter322,

    JetPack is a very large plugins with a lot of functionality, which means it can create more conflicts than most plugins can. When JetPack creates conflicts it’s usually with other plugins though, I don’t think you should have any problems running it as a single plugin together with the theme.

    Best regards,


    Okay, Rikard and Chris,

    That’s in line with my thoughts on JetPack.

    Is there an alternative security / protection pluging you can recommend? Or just go for JetPack on only that functionality?

    Best wishes, Peter


    Hi Peter,

    If you’re only going to use it for security then I would looks for something simpler. Maybe you could check out WordFence or Sucuri?

    Best regards,




    Thanks, Rikard, I’ll check them out.

    Best wishes, Peter


    Hi Peter,

    Great, best of luck to you :-)

    Best regards,


    Please be aware that several of the plugins haven’t been updated in ages, thus issuing a risk in terms of security.


    Hi Midtgaard,

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    What is a good mega-menu plugin that runs cleanly with Enfold? Need more functionality than what Enfold mega-menus offer.



    There’s a lot of installation with the Ubermenu plugin. You may want to look into that.


    Best regards,


    Would like to know if gravity forms is recommended. i would like to use their style builder to modify a form. if this is not recommended, can you tell me if formidable is compatible and can be styled without using quick css?


    We use gravity forms extensively with Enfold and have had great success with it. I normally customize css, so not sure on the style builder. Otherwise, huge recommendation to Gravity Forms and the extensions to it. Like Enfold, Gravity has become our go-to.

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