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    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Both the plugins should work fine there are no known issue with these plugins so far but I have not used these plugins.

    Personally before choosing a plugin I would look for :

    1. What is the purpose a plugin need to be added?
    2. Does the plugin page list the features which are useful for me?

    Lastly check out the plugin reviews and decide which one will be more useful to fulfil the purpose.

    I hope this will help you choose the right one for your purpose :)

    Best regards,

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    Is there any plugin that would auto-add the author info and other blog post data (category, date, author) for when using the Advanced Editor for Masonary layout blog posts?



    @brendasarg: I’m sorry but there is no plugin for that. You can either create a shortcode or a new element.

    // https://kriesi.at/support/topic/missing-category-info-in-post-meta-infos-using-alb
    // https://kriesi.at/support/topic/using-alb-with-custom-post-type-and-meta-information/#post-580144

    Best regards,


    I recommend this plugin for anyone wanting to backup the full WP installation – theme files, database etc.


    I was preparing to update to Enfold 3.8 – and saw the blog post about backing up WP first. I looked at current plugin comparisons and Updraft Plus is currently the best FREE solution. Allows backup to Dropbox, Google Drive and more. I’ve made several backups to both cloud services and works fine. Perhaps you could update the backup Enfold article also.



    Yes it’s a really nice plugin to backup or move WordPress sites that has a large database.

    Best regards,


    I am looking for a way to offer front-end creation and editing pages. Initially, we have tried to do this with Formidable Pro with mixed results. It can take the information and put it into a new post, but it ties it with a one-to-one relationship to the page. This means that all of the content for the page is within Formidable and not Enfold or WordPress. So, when you go in and edit a page within the traditional WordPress interface, it takes the updates, but does not display them when you load the page. However, if you make the changes within the entries for Formidable, it will make the change. This could be useful in some environment, but in ours, it just is fraught with potential problems.

    I know there will be a lot of people asking, “why don’t you just use the interfaces given by WordPress and further Enfold?” The reality is in environments where you want to have a lot of content posted, from a lot of non-technical people, and you want to ensure that you get complete information and format it consistently, it makes sense to drive it through a form-based approach. The beautiful thing about Enfold is that you can have a wonderfully versatile set of layouts to fit every need. But, there is no way to utilize them as a template. I don’t mean to confuse the templates feature, which is very powerful and we use daily. But, I wish there were a good way to insert content in a more structured way.


    @Jason E
    Feel free to make a feature request for Kriesi here: https://kriesi.at/support/enfold-feature-requests/

    Best regards,


    welches plugin ist eurer Einschätzung nach besser, Yoast SEO oder Google XML Sitemaps?

    Liebe Grüße



    Ich würde Yoast SEO empfehlen, da Google XML Sitemaps den Einsatz von weiteren SEO Plugins erfordern würde.

    Best regards,


    All the padding for color sections is disappearing on mobile. No plugins are running and this is a fresh install. Please respond here.


    Hi @detoi,

    Please open a new thread and include admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,



    I am looking for a poll plugin. The WP-Poll and WP-Polls plugin, both cause conflict with the Enfold theme. Thanks in advance for your help.




    @hasbeat Can you please start a new thread and elaborate on the conflict mentioned plugins are causing?



    Do you have a recommended plugin that works with the contact forms to store all inbound messages on the CMS.

    I.e. I normally used Flamingo that works very well with Contact form 7

    However it is not working to store the messages submitted with your contact form.

    Can you recommend a plugin that will work with the standard contact forms provided by your layout builder?


    unfortunately I don’t have any experience with such a plugin. Maybe best to ask Contact Form 7 or even Flamingo support why it’s not working with Enfold contact form.

    Best regards,


    Hi Everyone,

    I just installed a premium plugin, Sushi Chat, which does a great job at adding a chat room to a webpage where you might use a YouTube Live embed to create a webinar. However, I noticed that Sushi Chat conflicts with the Gallery element in the Avia Advanced Layout Editor; specifically, it interferes with the thumbnails and on-page alignment of the Gallery element.

    I’m not a programmer and so don’t have a solution for this issue. It would be nice to have one as Sushi Chat is a great, inexpensive plugin but I did want to alert the community of the conflict. I’ll be notifying the Sushi Chat folks but wanted to also share this experience with our community and hope we might come up with a solution.

    All the Best,



    yeah, contact Sushi Chat support about it and let them know you want it to be compatible with Enfold. If they want, they could work on it.

    Best regards,



    Is there any kind of plugin to create CUSTOM TAXONOMIES?
    or is it better to add code for this?

    : )


    WPML is OK for sure, but I have never used it. How about qtranslate-X (witch is very user friendly…). Can´t get the languages in the editing boxes. When I do like this in the editing box: [:en]Chose[:de]Wählen[:] it works, but when I try to edit it all is disapeard…



    Just wondering people’s thoughts on the best backup plugins? I’ve tried lots in the past to varying degrees of success – any thoughts?


    Hi Catty47,

    You can check this out: http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/7-best-wordpress-backup-plugins-compared-pros-and-cons/
    I have tried backupbuddy before and it does work great :)

    Best regards,


    Thanks Nikko,

    How funny, I just installed that one! I had just checked out that blog post and a few others with some good lists. I’ve used lots of different backup plugins before, but this one so far is easier to configure.

    Thank you!


    Hello guys!!
    I’m on a scavenger hunt for the best compatible directory plugin for my site and I have noticed that a lot of these plugins install Visual Composer. As Enfold already has what Visual Composer offers, do you recommend installing it anyway? Or do you have a recommended directory plugin?
    Thank you!!!


    Thanks for the list, I find it really helpful.
    I’m looking for a solid image/product magnifier that plays nice inside Enfold. Any recommendations?



    @havi Unfortunately, i do not have much experience with such plugins therefore there is not one i could suggest at the moment. Maybe you can try this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/geodirectory/?

    @jberickson You can check out this one – https://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoom/modules/wordpress/. I can confirm that it is working fine with Enfold. You can contact plugin authors beforehand and ask them once again to make sure :)



    Hi Yigit!!

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! I will test it on my semi-dummy site and let you know how it works!!


    PS: Love the other plugin to use with WooCommerce too!!


    TinyMCE Ultimate & TinyMCE Ultimate Pro aren’t “will not work properly on WordPress versions 3.9 and above
    Instead, please switch to using WP Edit”

    Isnt’ time to actualize your post about them?


    Hi, which plugin to you guys use for your membership system on the Kriesi site? I like it’s simplistic approach. I’m looking for a simple membership plugin that allows users to view hidden pages and portfolios using the Enfold theme.




    We don’t really have any specific membership plugin (if you are referring to the forum it’s bbpress), as no specific membership plugin is integrated with the theme, but most if not all should work properly in Enfold. It actually depends on what membership plugin meets your requirements, but you might want to try https://wordpress.org/plugins/s2member/ as it is a popular, free and has high rating membership plugin :)

    Best regards,

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