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    Thanks tech500 for the tip. I had planned to test it earlier and it was quite good actually. Any advice on image optimization? Regenerate Thumbnails, EWWW Image Optimizer or another?


    Yes, I have tested most of them.
    The one I use today is a new one, from the makers of WP Rocket.
    Check out on their new site:
    I just love it, works very well.



    @tech500 thanks for the recommendation!

    As far as I know Kriesi is using WP Super Cache + Better WordPress minify plugin.




    Not sure where to post this but as it’s plug-in related here seems like a good-a-place as any :)

    The feature request page on this site is rather good. Is that a custom build or a plug-in?




    Can you recommend a filter plugin? I am looking for something similar to your pricing sliding filter in Enfold, but for other attributes than the price (in my case the max weight).



    you would need to search a filter plugin by yourself and please stick to theme related issues/questions only.

    Best regards,


    I apologize for taking up your time with non theme related questions. It is just that I thought that the slider was part of your theme but I later learned that it is part of WooCommerce. And yes, I found a plugin that I am trying out. Again, I apologize for asking the wrong kind of question.


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    Hier also meine Abmeldung mit Entfernung des Häkchens unten. ;-)


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    Hi, nice list,
    I also use WP RSS Aggregator to aggregate several RSS on an intranet to make a press review.
    Works great.


    Hi @JMDP,

    Thanks for the contribution :-)



    Do you have a custom post types plug-in you would recommend? I have heard good things about Easy Content Types, but wanted to double-check to see if there were any suggestions.



    We usually recommend the Custom Post Type UI plugin but the Easy Content Types should work as well.



    Great Post!!!!

    Quick question, do you happen to know any plugins that may be able to accomplish list display filtering? I use the Enfold theme and am looking to create a Partners page that looks similar to:

    In short, you would be able to apply some filters to data.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.



    Hi want to know that i have installed amazon plugin easyAzon after which my website is only displaying the logo no page is opening can anybody help. I contacted my BIGrock team but they asked to update the theme but no updates are available for enfold theme at this point of time please help. The moment i deactivate the plugin everything works fine


    Is there a good Image Optimization plug in you recommend? thanks.


    @airstreamcoach – Here is my process…

    1. Run all images through TinyPNG
    2. Install/Activate WP Smush
    3. Upload your TinyPNG’d images
    4. Deactivate/Uninstall WP Smush

    If your images are already uploaded to your site and you don’t feel like running them through TinyPNG:
    1. Install/Activate WP Smush
    2. Bulk Smush your images
    3. Deactivate/Uninstall WP Smush

    If you upload images often:
    1. Install/Activate WP Smush
    2. Bulk Smush your existing images
    3. Deactivate WP Smush
    4. Activate WP Smush the next time you upload images




    Hi. I have tried to install W3 Total Cache plug in on my site per you recommendation. But Enfold message says it’s not available for your theme. please advise – or recommend an alternate? thanks.


    I’m currently working on a website with WP Super Cache which works great.


    thank you but the WP Super Cache plug in is not “available”. it installs but cannot be activated. Same with W3 total cache. neither plug in will install/activate in the Enfold theme.


    Are you using Enfold as a child theme? Just curious.


    thanks. running 2 enfold sites. child theme on one, no child theme on the other. When i try installing those plug ins on either site, i get the same error. the plugs ins are “not available”.



    I have WP Super Cache on 2 Enfolds website, and activated it following all the recommended options. I understand you can’t even activate the plugin or any cache plugin.

    May be could you try to deactivate all other plugins, if 1 is blocking caching (?) and retry to activate WPSC only.
    If you can, then activate others plugins One by One in order to see which one is blocking Cache and swap it for another equivalent.


    Hi. Thanks for your suggestions. I have turned all other plug ins off. I did try the one which was available “comet cache” but not sure about that one. Do you recommend it? here is a screenshot of what I see when I search to add cache plug ins. Simply says “not available”. thanks for your feedback.

    View post on


    Anyone have recommendations for a simple, modern looking appointment scheduler plugin that allows your website visitors to see some sort of calendar for what days and times are available?



    I’m using this for booking: and at another blog his eventcalendar:
    They’re both from the same author and the support is great with regular updates on these plugins.


    Remove Search And Replace and Change It To Better Search And Replace. Search And Replace does not work as good as it used to.


    I’m new here (today), how do I start a topic? I want to know how to have a specific sidebar just for the 404 error page. Is that possible?

    Sorry for hijacking this thread…

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