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    I love Enfold and have built a few sites with it!
    New Site:
    I need to have search filter to show properties (modular homes) that have certain components (options) like: square footage, bedrooms, baths, price range, etc. Similar to a real estate site, but not for an address, not MLS listings. Maybe more similar to a car dealership with models and options. So customers can filter by amenities and a sliding range of pricing.
    Can you please, please recommend something that will work with Enfold???
    • I can put in WooCommerce but we don’t need the cart/checkout. No one is purchasing through the site.
    • If I use a regular post or portfolio entry, the slider needs to work with the theme. Plus, I need the ability to utilize templates.
    I sure would appreciate help on this from anyone that knows of a plugin that would work.


    You could for example work with Advanced Custom Fields to extend the portfolio items.


    Thanks, mensmaximus.
    Looking at ACF… it appears that it does a great job of creating fields to gather info. But, my challenge is creating a filter for the front-end (visitors) to be able to sort and see the modular homes that meet their search criteria. For example, I’d like to enter square footage, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, etc. so visitors can select through filters to return the info/page/post/whatever that they are looking for. ACF seems to have a very easy interface for creating the fields, but I’m not so sure about implementing filtering.
    If anyone from Kriesi is listening, a good filter would be an awesome addition to this great theme’s abilities!!



    Thanks for helping out @mensmaximus, did you try out the suggestions and did you have any luck with them @concoa?

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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