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    I have several questions regarding repositioning some of the stuff.

    Please follow the link below to look at the questions more clearly or in case im typing as well,


    1. Remove this space

    2. Need to push this image downwards so that it get perfectly align with the top of the text 3. After completing point 1 & 2 I’ll need to push both (the image with thumbnails and text) little bit downwards.

    4. I need to reduce the size of this whole container vertically.

    5. Is it possible to make this text scrollable so I can fix the maximum height of the text container?

    Here is the link of our website link,

    I’ll need to do all the above change only in events page of-course.




    In order for us to help you, please include a URL to the particular page where you are experiencing this problem. Since each page can be created in a number of different ways , and due to many updates, it is simply not possible to provide you with a meaningful solution without first seeing the page with the live code. A screen capture will not help. What you can do is keep the url private by useing the url shortner.




    I already provided you in my previous message.. in 3rd last line.. its getting too late bro.. :(

    let me provide you again,



    Sorry about that man. i paste that URL so many times that I think I started tuning it out. Need to use a different url shortner. My bad. Funny thing is I remember your website now, that old man in white. lol.

    I started giving you the css now, but deleted it. you have fundamental problems with the design so everything is backwards. Please remove the layer slider and instead just add an image element. if you do that, all else will fall into place (if you remove also from custom.css the top:-49px block.




    Hey Nick!

    thanks for your response. I tried what you advised to do. I replaced the main banner (layer slider) with image element. also I deleted 49px block. After that it did centralized whatever is in color section. but have a look what happened with the top banner. Also still the gallery sliders are not properly top aligned aligned with the date on its right side.

    Also I really need to keep the design as it was before (i really need to keep layer slider where it was because later it will be a rotating slider with different images for each of the different page).

    So, now would you like me to revert it back to its original condition as it was before then may be it will be a bit more easy for you to provide css and answer my all questions attached in the screen shot I provided you before?


    any updates? :(


    Hi khalidmuharraqi,

    If you can revert back to the base css we can re-take a look. The margin/padding css is pretty straight forward but turning the contents into a scrolling content area is a bit beyond what we can assist with and ensure its still going to be fully supported.




    I copied back the old custom css file but now some how this code:

    .responsive .container .twelve.units {

    top: -49px;


    is not even affecting.. (breadcrumbs are still not connected even I applied the above mentioned code)

    Regarding scrolling, lets not get into it.

    So, if we can solve the questions that I asked earlier in above mentioned links (top on this page) would be great.



    For the #1:

    .template-page.content {
    padding-bottom: 0px;

    #2 is caused by a break just before your header in the text block. You can remove it in your text block and the whole line will align.

    Number 4 will be taken care of by the padding removal in the first change as well.


    Worked well. Only breadcrumbs were not in place so I tried this code to adjust placement of breadcrumbs (please correct me if im doing anything wrong)

    #top.boxed .stretch_full {

    width: 1010px;

    top: -49px;


    And after applying

    .template-page.content {

    padding-bottom: 0px;


    Padding was fixed but Text was not aligned with the top edge of pictures. so I used,

    body .container_wrap .avia-builder-el-last {

    top: -22px;


    Now the problem is on our home page or any page Portfolio grid is hiding. its going underneath the footer somehow at the bottom of every page wherever portfolio grid is placed till the end of page. and hence its keeping extra space on top of the portfolio grid. It feels like portfolio grid is not centrally aligned.


    You can try adding a margin to any of the grid sort containers with:

    .grid-sort-container {
    margin-bottom: 50px;


    this worked pretty fine and moved the footer downwards. but then still there were extra space on top of the portfolio grid which I fixed by using this code,

    .avia_sortable_active .isotope {

    top: -50px;


    Now, the problem is all the portfolio images are very close to each other vertically and I can’t even see their shadows.

    So, is there a way we can adjust spacing between the images vertically without disturbing the sizes of the images.

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