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    I have just updated the parent theme to 2.9.1 and followed the instructions here:

    The order and orderby option boxes appear as they should, but when I select ‘Random’ nothing happens – the order of items in the post slider modules remains the same and is not random.

    Can you help?



    Have you disabled the pagination?


    Thanks for your response. Pagination is not in use anywhere. It is just the homepage of the site with a few post slider ‘Content Elements’ dropped in.


    Ok! wait support



    Afaik this is a limitation of the wordpress taxonomy query which does not support the random parameter. You can only sort it by title/date with an ASC/DESC order. I tested both sort and both order parameters and a different post showed up each time and the query contained the right values – thus the code/query works as intended and it seems to be a wordpress limitation or bug…

    Best regards,


    OK, so there is no way of achieving this at all?



    Actually, after some research, I found out it’s not a wordpress but host/server limitation:

    Try to contact your host or activate the rand orderby setting if possible

    I was developing a site on WP Engine. They actually disable the Orderby Rand Function. If you happen to be using WP Engine, in the dashboard area they put in the WP Admin go there scroll down and make sure the Orderby Rand function is not disabled. You would not believe what I went through before I deduced that it was the host causing the problem



    Amazing! Yes, this was disabled by WP Engine. Such a simple fix, thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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