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    Dear all,
    When using the advanced layour builder I am using the content element post slider.
    I am wondering if the post slider, or if there is a possiblity, to have the post slider run random.

    For example it have set the entry number on 9, but I would like that have each time when the client visit the website different post are being displayed for a certain category.

    Thanks for sharing the possibilities


    Hey michael_world2cycle!

    You can achieve this customization with help of a 3rd party plugin. However we have not test it with enfold or we do not support the 3rd party plugins.

    Please try

    or look for “Random post plugins”

    Vinay Kashyap

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    Dear Vinay,
    I am still looking for Random Slider.
    It did find some support provided by Kriesi this seems a like what I have requested.
    Can you maybe check.

    Another question related to this.
    How can I get TAGS displayed in the post slider?

    Thanks for taking time to provide support :-)



    Use the post slider element then add this in the functions.php file:

    add_filter('avia_post_slide_query', 'enfold_customization_query_custom');
    function enfold_customization_query_custom( $query ) {
    	$query['orderby'] = 'rand';
    	return $query;

    This will randomize the post slider query.



    Thanks Ismael I am for sure going to check this.

    Another question related to this.
    Can TAGS been displayed in the post slider?


    sure, edit post slider and choose “Post tag” in “Which Entries?”

    Best regards,


    Thanks Andy,
    I understand that I can for example have the posts shown for the tags France in the post slider.
    But I would like to have are tags displayed which are all linked with the post show for tag France.

    For example the post with the subject Paris Roubaix has the tags France, Cobbelstone, Epic, Populair
    The entry selected for the post slider is France. I would like at the front end that the post slider shows only France but in the content you can select the tags just mentioned. For example cobbelstone and that you will be directed to a page with all the posts with the tag cobbelstone.

    Hopefully this helps.



    This is not possible with the post slider but you can try the content slider element. In the slide, add an image plus all the related content using html codes and link it to a specific tag page.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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