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    I’m having a strange thing happen where random text or image appears on a page. Literally. I’ll be editing along, hit Preview, the edits appear BUT another random element appears off the side of the page. Did the pre-emptive troubleshooting already: emptied cache, using Cache Killer, all plugins OFF, tested diff browsers, running lastest versions, etc.

    In this first instance, I updated an image on a tab here Some text now appears behind the “Shop Survey” image it that I didn’t put there. Happens on both Chrome and Firefox.

    Another instance is here in Firefox. There is the generic image icon just above the large orange horizontal section. Firefox only; not Chrome. random image icon

    Provided SITE ACCESS IN PRIVATE below.


    Hey Nicole,

    Thanks for the screenshots and login details, I can’t reproduce the problem with the text though. What exactly do we need to do in order to reproduce this?

    Best regards,


    Hey Rikard!

    It’s nothing to reproduce. You just view at the webpages provided to see the random elements.

    The first instance is here under the second-to-last tab – – resolved itself overnight!

    There is a new instance now! Added new tab last night “Consulting”. View here – Again, there is this random line of text apperaing. Just one sentence that starts.”It’s easy. We handle the recipient list…”. Bold orange font. 1/4 down the tab. Very odd. You can’t highlight/select it. Just floats. Appears in Firefox and Chrome. Oddly, it’s the same text that randomly appeared in the first instance but resolved itself last night.



    I have no idea what is happening with your content, but if you try to open the Color Section this this header: ADVERTISE. PROMOTE. MARKET, you will see something strange happening. Did you add that content in that from an external document maybe? Please activate debug mode so that we can investigate further:

    Best regards,


    No, nothing unusual when I created that Color Section. To be sure, I just deleted and recreated it from scratch with no luck.

    Odd that the rogue text is under the “Phone Consult” tab.

    Debug Mode is now activated. Hope you can see where the glitch is.



    UPDATE: I turned on the Debug Mode, found the rogue text under another tab, deleted it, and that resolved the problem. But, turned Debug Mode off and it’s back! But, I can’t just leave Debug Mode on because it screws up the layout of some of the tab elements.

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    UPDATE: Rogue text is now gone. Content alignment is fine. No clue how or why.

    Close and mark as resolved!



    I’m glad this was resolved. If you need additional help, please let us know here in the forums.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

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