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    I have 4 different sliders all with own captions and sub-captions. I need to be able to control (move) each set of caption on the slider to the right, left, up, down etc. respectively so they are in proportion with image behind. Can you send me or show me some “Quick CSS” code to achieve this please? Just need examples enough to figure it out to application.

    MUCH Appreciated!!



    Can you please post the link to your page? :)



    It set for maintenance right now and I have someone working currently working on it. I only really need some sample code to use as described earlier that will help with positioning the caption(s) on individual sliders. The code needs to be able to work independently with each slider as not every slider will use the same positioning. With some examples to get us started… I’m sure we can figure it out from there.




    After adding your images to your slider, please click on them and go to captions tab and change the alignment as needed – http://i.imgur.com/uUMnrOC.png



    Yes, I know about this.. but the problems is that that only goes so far. And not far enough to be out of the way of something showing in the background. I need to be more precise and make it either farther up, down, left or right. It would be soooo much easier if we could just drag it but not that’s not the case. I need code to push it beyond it’s limits!



    Can someone reply to help!



    Would you mind posting us a link to the element in question so we can inspect it and a screenshot/mockup of what you would like to achieve? You can upload the screenshot to imgur.com or dropbox and share the link here :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay,
    As I said earlier… the site is in maintenance mode with developers right now so I can’t provide a link. I will try and mockup a screenshot though if necessary. But in the meantime, I think its pretty easy to understand isn’t it? The drop down adjustments for the caption location open go so far. We just need some examples of code to move them right, left, up and down so we can adjust them by px

    I’ll get back to you with a pic if I have to but it may be awhile.



    Hey Vinay,

    I managed to get them to send me one. (screenshot attached). I As you can see it’s all the way to the right as far as it can go and up as high as it will go. At least as far as the settings will allow. I need code to move it up away from the image in the background.
    Same kind of deal with other sliders as well. I need code that will do the same for those but work independently.

    Thanks for getting back to me!



    If I understood correctly you need the highlighted area or the slider captions (S.M.A.R.T) to be moved away from the image which means it will also be off the screen correct?

    In that case using transform css will give you the above results. it will move the highlighted area off the screen and away from the image… but for that we need to be able to inspect the element in question without being able to inspect the element in question we cannot provide you the code.

    We will gladly help you with this please get back to us when you have a link to share with us so we can inspect the element in question and help you with the code.


    • This reply was modified 3 years ago by  Vinay.

    No that’s NOT what I mean at all.
    I merely want to move the caption in small increments either, up down, left, or right. That’s all! If you notice the caption is hitting the building in the background… I want to move it UP a little more closer to the top. This is only for this particular slider. I need to do the same on other sliders but with different variations. Does this make sense now?

    I don’t want to move it off the screen?? If I wanted to that, I simply wouldn’t add a caption?



    Thank you for the clarification. This may be possible but I cannot tell for sure until we inspect the element. Please get back to us when the link is ready for us to inspect so we can provide you with the necessary CSS.

    Best regards,

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