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    I have two questions.

    Firstly, on my home page I have a grid layout. When resized the thumbnails don’t seem to fit into the boxes properly leaving grey spaces which doesn’t look good. It is a static home page and here are the settings in the grid widget:

    Blog Style: Grid Layout

    Columns: 3

    Grid Layout: Title only

    Preview Image size: Manual (Select Thumbnail size)

    Image size: Portfolio Small (260×185)

    Post No: 9

    No Pagination.

    What I am aiming to achieve is as show on the Enfold demo:
    I have regenerated the thumbnails but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the problem. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

    Second question…..

    On the enfold deom (here: you can see that the geatured images in posts are all the same dimensions but when clicked on the images are actually different sizes.

    I am wondering how I can make all featured images the same sizes on my posts rather than just the size of the actual image.

    Thanks for any help :)



    Hey Torlock!

    1.) I don’t see any grey spaces on your blog grid. It looks exactly like the demo.

    2.) You need to upload images larger than 1030x360px. It will ensure that all featured images will use the images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider. The thumbnails size is specified on functions.php:

    $avia_config[‘imgSize’][‘entry_without_sidebar’]= array(‘width’=>1030, ‘height’=>360 ); // images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider



    Hello thanks for the reply,

    Sorry I forgot to clear the cache for the grid situation because it is a recent change. It is done now can you check again please.

    And also thanks for the info on the featured image. Just wondering if I change those dimensions will it then work at a lower scale?


    Also thought I’d point out that the grid only does this when at sort of ipad/mobile dimensions.



    I’m not getting a grid on the link provided at all. Is it on a different page now?

    Images are going to scale based on their height and width and how WordPress then scales them for the various thumbnails. If you really want consistent images its best to pre-crop them to all the same dimensions before uploading.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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