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    Hello. I’m testing this feature and like all the most recent Enfold updates I find it very nice and thoughtful. I have some questions and observations regarding these features.

    • The feature might hurt accessibility since it’s pulling a new set of ARIA landmarks for the footer area alone. This means the fully rendered page includes 2 main role="main" Sections, this might confuse screen readers and other assistive technology. Would be nice if this had an optional <footer role=”contentinfo”> instead.
    • In the same line as the accessibility issues: I need to leave the footer page available for Google indexing? (say, using Yoast) meaning it will show standalone in the search results.
      Setting the footer to noindex might confuse Google? Unlike the aria roles, the embedded footer does not have its own head code so I guess is OK but I’d like to leave the footer to noindex and be sure that it will not affect/duplicate the Meta of all pages it is included in.
    • I love the performance options; it was badly needed. But minification and merging of source files always brings the issue of complicating custom development. It would be nice to have a single switch to turn on/off this feature (both toogles) from anywhere in the dashboard -like in the theme options menu-. Also an option for the feature to reactivate on its own, pretty much like Cloudflare does with its development mode.

    And lastly. We are about to begin a refresh of our page but I read on one of the latest blogpost that Enfold is moving away from shortcodes, which is fine, but I’m worried We’d have to rebuild our content. I’d love to see a blog post that clarifies how would it work and a time frame when you have that defined.

    Thanks for your great work and support, Been using Enfold since it only had like 1000 sales and it’s been a very good experience overall.

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    Hey WIlliam,

    Thank you very much for your feedback, we appreciate it a lot and we will make sure it goes to right hands!
    DO not work regarding the shortcodes, even when we are done with that BIG task – we are still going to support backwards compatibility

    For us that is a really important part of our business, while we do move forward.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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