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    Link :

    – Can i get the image to show in a lightbox ?

    – How can i get the tags section to display under the image ?

    Link :

    – Currently the image is not shown in the portfolio grid, where do i set the image to be used in the grid?

    – Also, how do i remove the “- Enfold theme by Kriesi” from the footer ?



    To open images in lightbox, in portfolio page you should click on Add Media and add image on the top of the content. Then you should set a Featured Image on the lower right side of the page.

    You can add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling to remove featured image in single portfolio pages.

    .page-thumb img { display: none; }

    In your WordPress theme directory, please go to Enfold folder and open Footer.php file and find following code in line 96

    <span class='copyright'><?php echo $copyright . $kriesi_at_backlink; ?></span>

    and change it to

    <span class='copyright'><?php echo $copyright; ?></span>




    The portfolio already looks a lot better now, thanks :) But the accordion and the tags don’t work well together.

    Is it possible to force the tags to always be on the bottom left side, just below the image with 1 line of spacing ?



    Actually it should be below the image. For a quick fix you can add following code to Quick CSS { padding-top: 385px!important; }




    Another way to remove the Kriesi link in the footer is to add [nolink] to the box under Enfold>>Footer>>Copyright. That way it doesn’t matter if you update the theme and are not using a child theme.

    You can add it after any customised text you also want to display in the footer.

    e.g. Copyright © 2013 Your Website. All Rights Reserved. [nolink]



    @meanster99: Thanks for the tip.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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