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    I was wondering or I can create a blog-style from the images in attachments with the enfold theme.
    After looking a while for some settings in the elements magazine and messages I can’t find something that looks like the images in the attachments.

    I would like to create a blog-style page, but I am struggling with the layout and elements I want.

    I hope someone can give me advice about this matter and help me out.
    I would really appreciate it.


    Website: https://smarthomelife.nl


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    Hi Timo,

    The second and third screenshot seems to be similar with: https://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-2017/blog/blog-default/
    You can use Blogposts and set it to Grid Layout.
    The first screenshot would need some tweaking with the theme and some CSS codes to achieve.

    Best regards,


    Hi Nikko,

    I see what you mean with the blog layout, is it also possible to make the blog layout more like the boxy layout form the screenshots?

    For the first picture you give me the option the tweak the theme, is there any possibility that you can support me with that?
    I am not very experienced with CSS and tweaking theme’s

    Thanks for your help



    Hi Timo,

    Yes, it’s possible but it would need some CSS tweaks in order to achieve that and we could help with it.
    And for the first picture, I would say yes, we’ll try to help you with it.
    We’ll need request for admin access and FTP access for.
    Just post the credentials in private content.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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