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    I want to use 2 different variations of the portfolio grid on my homepage and a detail page. So I was wondering if it is possible to:

    – Make the portfolio grid static. So no click/lightbox + no hover over expand image etc

    – Make a click on the portfolio just a link to another page

    Thanks for your support!



    1.) Edit portfolio item, look for “Overwrite Portfolio Link setting” then select “Define custom link”. On Link portfolio item to external URL field, just place a hastag(#).

    2.) Configure the Portfolio Grid, look for “Link Handling” then select “Open entry on a new page”.




    Hi strangly I can’t find the “Overwrite Portfolio Link setting” when I add a new Portfolio entry.

    Do I need to active something for the option to be visible?



    You can find “Overwrite Portfolio Link Settings” in Additional Portfolio Settings section in portfolio edit page under content




    sorry I can’t find this screen. When I enter Portfolio Items -> Item X I can only find the following items: “Layout Options”, “Portfolio Categories”, “Gallery Options”, “Comments”, etc…

    or am I totally wrong looking for this in the Portfolio section?

    Thanks for your help!



    I prepared a bigger screenshot showing where exactly it is




    sorry sorry just now saw that we talk about different themes!!!

    I’m using the Flashlight Theme – is there the same functionallity available????

    sorry again – I’m new to the forum ;)



    no, Flashlight does not support the ajax portfolio feature. Btw – my answer here: is also not valid for Flashlight but the feature is only planned for Enfold at the moment.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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