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    Is it possible to get the Avia Layout Builder for blog posts? I’m half way through designing my website and I’ve used the Avia Layout Builder on my pages and it was so helpful and easy. But now I’m adding my blog post and I noticed that there is no toggle to activate the Avia Layout Builder.

    Am I missing something? Is there an option to toggle it on in the settings?


    Hi stwroids,
    see Enfold Documentation articles Use the Layout Builder with any post type

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    Thank you for the reply begrafiks,

    I had just uploaded a child theme and I just wanted to double check with everybody before I mess something up :)

    Would I just copy that snippet into my style.css in the child-theme folder? And it also said to replace the word ‘post’ with my custom post type, I’m not really understanding what that means. Could you explain?




    No, the snippet must go inside the child theme functions.php (create one if needed):

    add_filter('avf_builder_boxes', 'add_builder_to_posttype');
    function add_builder_to_posttype($metabox)
    	foreach($metabox as &$meta)
    		if($meta['id'] == 'avia_builder' || $meta['id'] == 'layout')
    			$meta['page'][] = 'post'; /*instead add the name of the custom post type here*/
    	return $metabox;



    Thank you Josue!

    I will do that right now, but what do I put where it says “instead add the name of the custom post type here”?


    Just leave it as it is.


    It worked, thank you!

    Out of curiosity, why is the Avia Layout Builder not built for post without adding this snippet?



    Because Posts have built-in elements like comments and share links, when you enable ALB on a post/page/portfolio it creates an empty canvas for you to have total control of the layout.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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