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    for the frontpage of our website we use the full-width-slider shortcode of Enfold, to show a full-width and -height slider with “close”-button. The website is a mobile website (“.m”-domain).

    In some cases the slider-images are loading the images in full-size (not in a size based on the device width (width:100%)). Not sure why this happens, maybe because of the activated preloader. I have tried a lot but unfortunately the “issue” only appears on iPhone 7 (with newest Safari version) and I do not have access to an iPhone 7 (my customer has one, and so I have to ask after every change I made “Please check again” – that’s annoying.

    So my last idea is to ask you, if you can please have a look to the frontpage of the website I have added as private content with iPhone 7 and/or check, if your full-width-slider works well on Safari with iPhone 7. The popup was created with “Popup Maker” plugin. I also have add login credentials as private data.

    Thanks for helping me with that,


    Unfortunately we had to delete the full-width-slider in popup on frontpage now, because of an huge event tomorrow. We have to go sure that the website works perfect.

    For your study, I have added the full-width-slider to a secret page (1:1 copy of the frontpage). Please have a look with iPhone 7 if the full-width-slider in popup works as you imagine. After you checked and hopefully could help us, we want to reactivate the popup on the frontpage.

    Alle details you can find as private data. Also a screenshot of broken full-width-slider with iPhone 7:

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    The slider is working properly. The problem is that the images are too thin and the background repeat option is set to “Stretch to fit” so they have to be resized to keep the aspect ratio. Set the option to “Scale to fit” so that the whole image is visible within the slider container. Or use wide images or images that have an aspect ratio of 16:9 so that it fits the standard browser resolutions properly.

    You can also add another slider and use images that are specifically resized for mobile view. Use the sliders’ Screen Option to toggle their display properties on different screen sizes.

    Best regards,

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