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    I’ve created about 12 blogs so far and at the foot of each blog, I have a promo box.

    My business is shifting focus and I’d like to change the copy and link within every one of these promo boxes.

    Is there a way of making this change once and it replicating across all the blogs? Or do I need to go in and manually make the changes in each promo box individually?



    Hey CorrinaGB!

    If you have added those boxes through ALB, you will have to change them one by one, on each page.

    Let us know if we can do anything else for you



    Thanks Basilis. Yes, I did – so I’ll do them one by one, thanks.

    Is there a way of doing this in the future where I could apply a global change, if I wanted to change the copy / promo link on all promo boxes?



    Unfortunately there is not, but one alternative would be to activate debug mode in order to show shortcodes: Could you then make the change in one instance and then copy/paste the shortcode to the rest of the elements.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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