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    My authors don’t have Gravatars, so I need the ability to set a custom profile pic for them. How do you recommend I do this?

    I found a plugin called User Profile Picture that lets you set a profile pic for users, and there’s even a checkbox for “Override Avatar,”

    …but it’s not working. My author page still has a placeholder where I want their picture.

    I know you don’t support 3rd party plugins but it seems crazy to me that the author profile is so locked in to them having a gravatar, so I’m hoping you have a workaround.

    Thanks in advance,
    – Greg


    I feel like I need to clarify that last point. I don’t want help getting the plugin to work. Rather I’m wondering how I SHOULD be doing this, ideally without a plugin, because I can’t believe the theme is so absolutely locked in to assuming all authors have gravatars.

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    Please create a temporary admin login and post it here privately so we can look into it. I personally do not have experience with the mentioned plugin and yes, we do not support 3rd party plugins however we do not mind taking a quick look :)

    Best regards,


    Cool, thanks. I’m mostly hoping there’s a non plugin way to skin the cat anyway.
    Admin deets in private content.

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    You can define the image for them and it will be automatically been loaded form WordPress.
    Use the plugin it works with enfold, I have tested it!

    THanks a lot



    Hmm, good to know, I guess, but as you can see by the screenshots above it’s not working for me.
    I provided admin deets above per Yigit’s request. Since you’ve worked with this plugin before and know how it’s worked for you in the past maybe you’d be better able to troubleshoot whatever’s wrong?



    Authentication required. Can you please post those logins as well?

    Best regards,


    Here ya go.



    Yes, i meant those. I could not find “Override Avatar” button though. Where exactly is it located?
    Also, if you do not mind, can you post FTP logins here privately as well?

    Best regards,


    OK, this is still driving me BATTY. Never could get that plugin to work, I’ve installed a new plugin, and same thing. Still forces a dark gray blank where the profile pic should be, for example: https://solace.com/author/larry-neumann/

    At the end of the day though, why is this so hard? Why should I have to use a plugin in the first place? What is the best/official/recommended way to associate profile pictures with my authors? Just doesn’t seem like such an odd thing to want to do. : (

    My site is now live so easier to access/see. I’ll remind you of the admin credentials in private content below.



    You need to install a plugin because the theme is using a default WordPress feature for author profile image, which is gravatar. And you have to modify the includes > loop-about-author.php file. Please follow these steps.

    1.) Install the https://wordpress.org/plugins/profile-picture/ plugin.

    2.) Edit includes > loop-about-author.php file, look for this code around line 11.

    	$gravatar     = get_avatar($email, '81', '', $gravatar_alt);

    .. replace it with:

    	$gravatar     = ProfilePicture::pp_picture($email, '81', '81', $gravatar_alt);
    	$gravatar     = $gravatar['img'];

    3.) Edit one of the author or user and upload a profile picture.

    Best regards,


    I tried that, didn’t work because when I went to “set image as my profile picture” I got a white-screen-of-death. I’ve included admin access to my staging site in case there’s something you can look at or do to help.


    Figured it out using WP User Avatar plugin and changing default avatar settings. Please mark resolved.

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