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    I try to make something, not really extraordinary and I am not able.
    This is what I would like:

    A shop page with a small design and presentation text on the top of the page and products below. I also need a right sidebar with Woocommerce price filter.

    1- I tried to add the text in the category page and add a icon, that work, but this technique are not customizable enough. I am not able to make a title and change the size/font of the text.

    2- I tried to not us the real shop page and create a normal page with the avia layout builder and use it as shop page. I can make my text and design like I want and use the product grid to show my products. All is ok except the Woocommerce price filte didn’t work.

    Is it normal ? Somebody have a other solution of some hints for me ?



    Hi AlainTernet!

    can you provide links showing what you are talking about? we would need to inspect the elements.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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