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    I have two issues I am looking for help with on the Custom Product Page (using the Avia Layout Builder) with the Enfold theme.

    1. The colour swatch area: The image I am using for the colour swatch has a ‘custom link’ (I added this link to the image in the media library) to the product page showing the product in that colour (if the product has 4 colours then there are 4 product pages). When I insert the image with the ‘custom link’ into the swatch settings and go to view the product page the custom link does not work. Is there a CSS code to activate these links?
    2. Product Purchase Button: I would like the words on the “add to cart” button to change to read “exceeds stock levels” when a customer tries to add to cart a number of items of a single product that exceeds the stock level. This would lessen confusion as to why an item is not being added to their cart. I am looking for CSS code to allow this change when the order being added to the cart is higher than inventory levels.



    Hey RosannaK,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    1.) Are you using a plugin for the colour swatch? Have you tried selecting the Woocommerce 3.0 Gallery in the Enfold > Shop Options? Please provide a link to the product in question so that we could check it properly. You may need to contact the plugin developers for additional assistance.

    2.) There should be a stock info beside the add to cart button (ex. 2 in stock) by default, so users should not be confused when they could not add more items. It is possible to change the text of the add to cart button when the user reached the stock limit, but it will require a bit of modification. You have to check for the value of the quantity field each time the increase quantity button is clicked and compare it to the max attribute value, and adjust the text of the cart button accordingly.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    I have uploaded Woo commerce 3.0 but I am not using their gallery for my photos. I am using the gallery element in the Avia Layout Builder. After the plugin update I did go back and check my product page and the custom image link is still not working. The swatch plugin I am using is ‘Variation Swatches for WooCommerce-Pro’. My desired result is to have the customer go to a new product page when they click on a color option that is a different color from the product on the product page they are looking at (ie/ they are on a page showing a blue product but now would like to see that product in green. When they click on the green color swatch I would like them to be directed to a new product page that has the green product vs staying on the same page and a picture of the green product replaces the blue product)
    2. I did not want to show stock levels on the front end so I have actually toggled off that option. Do you have any other suggestions on how to handle this issue?




    I am using the gallery element in the Avia Layout Builder.

    1.) The gallery element in the Advance Layout Builder (ALB) is not a product element or is not compatible with the variation product switching. The variation image switch will only work with the default or classic editor because the template contains the necessary markup, and only when the Woocommerce 3.0 gallery is enabled.

    2.) As suggested above, you may need to look for a custom solution that detects changes in the quantity input field. The solution may look something like the script provided in the following article.


    Best regards,

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