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    i have following questions (i would like to attache screenshots… they would make my problems much easier to describe… no possibility here?!):

    1) if i look up my homepage with the enfold theme the text in the slider is too big. Is there a possibility that the text will not appear if the picture gets to small or that the text will be much smaller?

    2) if i look up my homepage on the iPad than the menu is directly following on the logo without no space… that looks not very good… is there a possibility to change that…

    3) where can i change the text which appears in the comments area of the blogs?

    4) when the text in the portfolio grid wrap in the next line because then the box get bigger but all the other boxes in the line does not… that is not looking very good. is there a possibility that if one portfolio box wraps his text and the box gets bigger that every other box get the same size?

    5) how can i use the parameters for youtube embeds when embedding videos

    Thanks for help!




    Hi Christian,

    You can send us screenshots using also it will be better if you can give us the link to your website




    Hi Yigit,

    thanks for your answer. Here are the links for the Screenshots:

    mx website is





    Hi Christian,

    1) If you use pixel size for your text it will always be that pixel size. You can use ems or percentage sizes to make the adjust to the device.

    I’ve actually found the best results just using an image for my text in the layerslider instead of plain text (which is what Kriesi also did for all the demos).

    2) The menu switch width can be adjusted following the steps here: . This is needed when your menu has too many items or the item length is wider than what the theme defaults to.

    3) There is no theme option for styling comment text so it needs to be done with custom css. If you can give us a bit more guidance on what you want to change we can try and assist.

    4) No, the portfolio grid doesn’t have a mechanism in place to create an auto height. The best option is to either not show excerpts or create consistent lengths of titles/excerpts.

    You could use a minimum height on the portfolio items but that doesn’t have IE8 support.

    5) Do you have an example of what isn’t working?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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