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    Hi, the way your tables works is a bit glitch, if I enter text into a filed, then change the field type for default row to heading row, for example, the text is deleted and has to be re-entered.




    I see what you mean I think it may be a bug indeed. I played around with it, and I think making this change does the trick

    Please ***make a backup*** and open up /config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/assets/js/avia-table.js and find line 147-150 that looks like

    var template = $scope.find('.avia-template-row .avia-table-cell:eq(1)');
    row.find('.avia-table-cell:not(.avia-table-cell-style.avia-table-cell, .avia-table-cell-delete.avia-table-cell)').html(template.html());

    and change it to look like (from line 162)

    $table.find('.avia-table-row .avia-table-cell:not(.avia-delete-row .avia-table-cell):nth-child('+(index + 1)+')').removeClass(classNames).addClass(newClass);

    then find line 135 which looks like

    var select		= $(this),

    delete it, and paste the block of code below in its place (from lines 155-158)

    var select		= $(this),
    current = select.parents('.avia-table-cell:eq(0)'),
    elements = select.parents('.avia-table-row:eq(0)').find('.avia-table-cell'),
    index = elements.index(current),

    Please let us know how it worked out. It seems to work, but Kriesi will need to do his magic here since this is out of my depth.





    Well, actually I tested it and it works perfect!

    Well done Sir, will add it to the next update ;)

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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