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    My clients compained about the Avia Layout Builder. Changes were not saved. HTML was removed from boxes like the Icon box. And it happened to two people. It finally came out that they were using IE 9 & IE 10. Are you familiar with users experiencing problems with the Avia Layout Builder and IE?


    Hi Sowmedia,

    No reported issues that I know of but in general IE9+ shouldn’t have any issues.

    Make sure that your WordPress install has at least 128mb of php memory available however as that can cause issues if its too low when combined with any plugin that also takes up a good bit of memory.





    Similar issues here using IE -> changes made in Layout builder disappear when saved.
    Increasing memory has no effect. When using Google Chrome problems are solved.


    If that is the case I would say just avoid IE. While IE10 has had some great improvements and may be right up there with FF, Safari and Chrome, IE9 at least still has major hiccups with various sites/scripts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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