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    I wondered if you could advise on the following issues please?

    1. Element positioning – I create the advanced slides and position all the elements in the slide as I need them however when the slider is published and viewed on line the elements are in different positions and out of alignment. I tried setting a container width of 1024 and positioning the elements in the container but this has made no difference.

    2. Screen res – On my 27″ iMac the background image is heavily cropped into to allow for the full width nature of the slider. My images are 1400x430px, is there an optimum size recommended to minimise cropping or is there a better setting I can use to stop the top and bottom of the image becoming cropped?

    Hope thats clear enough?! Let me know if not. Thank you.



    Please provide a URL to the location where this event is taking place. Since there are so many ways to customize this theme, and with a number of updates already released, -there is no sure way for us to provide you with a reliable answer without first looking at the code.

    Your best bet is to mask the link using or show a page on the demo site which displays the behavior. A labeled screenshot hosted on or else where would also be helpful in ensuring success. However. a screenshot alone is not very helpful since we need to see the html/css/js code particular to your situation in order to provide a meaningful solution.




    Hi Guys, I think I am having the same problem.

    I have built an advanced slider (in draft mode at moment). When I access the page via my macbook air, it looks and works well. However when I access it via my iMac, the images seem to be cropped and the alignment of other text (that float in etc) is different to when I assessed on mba.

    So I too was wondering what the optimum size of an image is for the advanced slider so that it responds to different browser/screen sizes




    Hi Steve,

    Do you mean the LayerSlider or one of the slideshow element built within the layout editor? There is no real best image size for either and with the layerslider the whole thing is controlled by the global settings for each slideshow. There you can set the container size for your elements as well as set the overall width of the group of slides.

    For the regular slideshow element, you would want to put it in a column to make it have full responsive functionality.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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