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    Hello everybody,

    My English is not so good but I will give it a try !
    I have build a website for the company I work for.
    I found on the internet that wordpress would be ideal for this.
    It was easy to do…
    In the beginning it wasn’t hard but now I have sevaral problems.
    I would like to make some changes to my pages.
    I would like to add some new pictures en change some texting.
    This does not work..
    When I go to “change page” it will not open, the circel will keep going around :-(…
    I am not very talented with the internet.
    So please try to subscribe it in an easy way how I can solve this problem.
    The things I’ve tried to do are:
    – Close all the plugins en open them one for one.
    – Tried to remove the theme ( don’t now how to do this ?)
    – Refresh wordpress

    All of these things didn’t work ?
    There is also a layer slider that doesn’t appear on the website. I’m sure it’s there…but you can’t see it.
    When I search on the internet to take a look at my website there are more issues that pop up.
    Is there anyone who could help me please ?

    Best regards Linda


    Hi Linda!

    You are currently using an older version of the theme which is not compatible with WordPress version you are using. Please update Enfold to the latest version 3.0.5 – kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/updating-your-theme-files/


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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