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    Hi there, as few others there seems to be a bug either in WP or Enfold that prvents from accessing plug-ins and Enfold options correctly.
    There was a time when the Visual Editor did not work too, this seems to work fine after recent Enfold Update (3.3).

    However – I cant access the Enfold Options and a different Plug-in (EventON) aswell: everytime I want to access it displays a pure code style page.
    I have tried some things to check what that might be – but still no luck.
    I have reactivated all plug-ins: same error with Enfold Options
    I have deactivated/activated each plug-in one by one… same error – however most plug-ins do work – except EventOn (third party)
    I have incresed/decreased memory limits and php values – nothing changed…
    I have compared status reports with nearly identical WP installations on same server (to exclude server errors / Apache versions)
    However – ENFOLD in conjuction with WP > 4.3.4 AND Woocommerce is the only installation that has that output…

    and here comes a weird part: if I toggle/switch several times between Enfold Options and Woocommerce (means hitting Enfold Button or WC button on backend menu ) – the error is gone – for some time…
    So thats why I thought this might be a memory problem, but after playing with different values (and checking WC System report) all seems ok…

    any help would be appreciated… I am using mainly Chrome 44.0.2403.155
    my best regards


    Hi aovivo,

    I logged in to your site and I had no problem seeing the theme options or the eventon menu, could you try to clear your browser cache and reload a few times to see if that helps? If not then please send us screenshots of what you are getting on your end.

    Best regards,


    Hi there, please check the attached screen-record that I made. you will see, that this error mostly happens in the beginning, even with cleared cache, once played around it works for a moment , than falls back to that error.
    I had this duplicated in Firefox too, even if I mainly use the most recent version of Chrome…
    thanks for looking into it.



    I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem to be an error caused by the theme to be honest, is there a step-by-step to reproduce it or is it more a random “click until it happens”?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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