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    Sergio Gimeno

    Problems Still image in the Main Menu of the Header.
    And problem when I put the page created for the Footer, the background image that I put in the background is duplicated so that it can only be seen in the home page.

    The problem I have a long time ago is the following:

    When I put the background image within “General Styles”, in the MAIN CONTENT section, I upload the custom image so that it can be seen only on the home page.

    And then I go into FOOTER and select within Default Footer & Socket Settings. y I select Select a page to display as footer and socket, and I select the page within Select Page “Footer My Lock Love”. The image that I have previously put of Background so that it can only be seen in a part of the web, also shows it in the footer of the page that I created for that purpose.

    and what I don’t want is to see the backgraund image in the footer.

    Please I need your help


    Hey Sergio Gimeno,

    Could you please attach some screenshots of the issue?

    For technical support please register here with your item purchase code .

    Go to select the theme you purchased bookmark the URL.


    Scroll to the bottom of the page to open a new ticket.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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