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    Hi, I’m having big problems trying to set up woo commerce using the enfold theme. I bought the template as one of the selling points was that it worked perfectly with woo commerce buy I can’t figure out how/where to start.
    I used the dummy pages but they are all empty when I click into them.
    I’ve deactivated and reactivated the plugin but then the page just spools and I get empty pages with no access to the dashboard or anything. Once or twice I’ve managed to load a page with access to the dashboard but then all I get is a spooling loop again.

    Is there a simple step by step document I can be referred to so I can follow so I can see what I’m doing wrong.?

    I can send screenshots of what is happening if necessary,


    Hello ElementArt!

    Please follow these steps.

    1.) Activate the woocommerce plugin then Install the woocommerce pages by clicking the violet bar on top of woocommerce settings.

    2.) Go to Menus > Appearance > insert the Shop menu as shop page.

    3.) Create some products.

    4.) If you want to create another shop page, create a new page then go to Advance Layout Editor. Insert the Product Grid under Plugin Additions.

    Please watch this short video:

    Best regards,

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    Thanks Ismael,

    I’ve activated the plugin but when I click woocommerce>settings the screen goes completely blank. I have no access to dashboard or page and there is no activity.



    Try deactivating all other plugins and then try re-activating WooCommerce. Then if you are still having trouble deactivate the theme and switch to one of the default wordpress themes.

    If you can activate it then, go to WooCommerce>System Status and see if there are any warnings about your server set up.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin,

    That seems to have done the trick!!!

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