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    I can confirm: contact form and googe map are gone after auto update to WP 4.0.1…

    my best regards…


    My contact forms disappeared after the update as well. Can this be fixed?


    Happy to know that it is NOT just Enfold folks. Other themes, plugins, etc. Seems WordPress has made a fundamental change that has broken so much…

    Bet there will be a rollback


    Sliders are also missing



    Just noticed that accordion slider stopped working….


    I really hope WP does a rollback


    Hello everyone,

    It’s a small bug with WordPress 4.0.1 and Enfold. Please update to Enfold 3.0.4 to fix it. If your still getting version 3.0.2 when downloading from themeforest then please wait for themeforest to approve the update.

    Best regards,

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    Well I have 3.0.4 wersion… and it is still the same situation… no sliders.

    Please help! Yesterday morning all my Fullwidth Easy Sliders, Sliders suddenly stop appering. I am using Xampp for a server (install on my computer) and I download my purchase Enfold product again (version 3.0.4), unzipped, and replaced files in wpcontent/enfold. Unfortunately my sliders are still missing. When I add new Width Slider or any Slider nothing changes, still not appearing – on edit page is visible but in browser there is non. The same situation is with google map no my contact page and even when I tried to change font color in frames structure, font color is not changing.

    Please help me if You can



    Updated to 3.0.4 and slider works again!


    Its working again… THANK YOU for your patient to my person and quick respond


    Keep a check on your site folks… Upgrading the theme initially brought back my sliders but now testing random pages and some load fine while other pages seem to have lost all CSS styling! Refreshing the page can fix the issue in your browser but cant expect my visitors to do that!


    updated to 3.0.4 – but sliders still not working
    any ideas? thanks!


    Upgrading to Enfold 3.0.4 seems to work unless you are using the Enfold Child Theme. If using Child theme sliders are sill missing.



    Hi Mike – Child theme + sliders are working for me.


    IconicD – Thanks for info. Will double check everything again.



    Looks like it’s a conflict post WP upgrade wit 4.0.1 between GILDPANel plugin and Enfold. Once I deactivated Gildpanel Enfold was operating normal.


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