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    We developed our site on WP Enfold at w4y on a URL of the provider. After finishing we moved to production, e.g. a DNS A entry of our new domain was created and points to the IP of the site.

    To have it properly displayes we put the domain ino the settings of WP..
    (Website-Adresse (URL) ) ( If we set also the WordPress-Adresse (URL) to the new domain, the site becomes unreachable…!!)

    – now some icons, esp the seach icon in the header dissappeared (See header, but also see “Weitelesen” icons)
    – the admin area is reachable only via the old, provider domain. But viewing is not possible as it then switches to
    the new domain and you are logged out again.
    – One directory was not reachable at all. (Error 403 Forbidden) – but nothing blocked at provider level

    Detailed data in private content.


    You have to change all instances from the old domain to the new domain in all configurations of which some may need a manually modification directly in the database.

    More infos here:

    Maybe you can use a plugin to solve that (i didn’t test this one, i change the entries in the database):



    Thanks, @cg for the suggested solution.

    @sthubertus you can try changing the site URL, in case if you run into any issue I would recommend exporting your site once again but using a plugin to avoid any manual errors.

    Please refer to this link for more information

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay & cg,

    Thanks for your hints ! Was very helpful:
    For someone having the same issue – I have done the following:
    – backup of all data and database ;-)
    – installed “Velvet Blues Update URLs”
    – You will get asked which URLs to update, I chose to update all URL except the last checkbox ‘
    that is anyway strongly NOT recommended.
    – logged in again – AND: Wow- worked :-)
    – Then changed the WordPress URL in <newdomain> also (site URL was already set to <newdomain> as written above)
    – Stil downloads did not work – so I changed all links in the downloads manually (This is probably as this is the
    “Download Monitor” plugin, but as I have only 3 visible on my site, was no issue
    – Voila – everything worked: Missing icons suddenly are back, I can login now correctly on <newdomain>/wp-admin and
    do admin and viewing site at the same time



    Hi Wolfgang,

    Glad you got it working for you and thank you for sharing! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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